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Primavera Sound shows support for civil rights in recent riot

In response to the recent arrest of several organizers of the independence referendum in Catalonia, Barcelona’s Primavera Sound festival has posted an official statement to show their support for civil rights. In a statement posted in Catalan, Spanish and English on their official channels, Primavera argues that they “cannot and will not keep quiet about the events that have taken place over the past few days in Barcelona, the city thats hosts the festival.”

Primavera Sound Festival, which in its latest edition managed to attract about 55,000 attendees per day, has publicly wanted to express their support “to all the institutions, bodies and people that in the last few hours have suffered a violation of their fundamental civil rights“.

The festival further states that “Aside from ideologies and political inclinations, we at Primavera Sound condemn any action that prevents the free and full exercise of these democratic rights and we urge all of those who feel assaulted to take a serene, civic and peaceful stance to face this adversity. Today we stand united.”

The official statement by the organizers of the Barcelona-based festival is a response to the events of yesterday, where the Spanish police have arrested 14 Catalan officials and ministries that were involved in organizing an independence vote. The vote was declared illegal by the Spanish government, even though polls seem to evident the opposite. While the opinions on the matter seem to be divided, more than a million Catalans appeared at an independence marge last week.