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Ibiza Council has now the power to ban open-air music events

The Ibiza Council will now have the power to ban outdoor music events once the new Balearic tourism law comes into effect.

This law, which will now apply to Mallorca, Menorca, Formentera and Ibiza, was approved on Tuesday 18th of July. According to Dario de Ibiza, the amendment will allow the four councils to regulate and eventually prohibit, in a reasonable way, all those tourist activities related to the entertainment. Indeed, the new restrictions will apply to an array of potential new venues on the Balearic Islands, including clubs, beach clubs and other dance rooms all included in the legislation.

The Council’s director of tourism of Ibiza, Vincent Torres stated, ‘It was very clear that the tourism law needed to be modified.’ The director also said that the island has a limited capacity and cannot sustain increases in tourism, saying, ‘previously liberal law offered the opportunity for activities that are incompatible with the day-to-day life of an island that wants a sustainable kind of tourism.’

The power to apply more restrictive measures without the need of a secondary or mutual agreement from the corresponding council has been given to the islands’ municipalities as well, such as San Antonio and San Juan in Ibiza. Residents of the municipalities have always showed their agreement with the council decision as many ‘have had their daily lives disrupted, with no rest night or day.’

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