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10 Best Clubs in Valencia ( …and why you must visit them all)

Hands down. Valencia definitely is one of the greatest party cities in Spain. Known for its amazing summer terraces and year-long massive nightclubs, Valencia is the perfect city to rave from sunset till dawn.

To reach the roots of this fame we must go back to the times of the legendary Ruta del Bakalao (The Cod’s Route). Back when Ibiza was still virgin, during the early 80s and then into the 90s, Valencia was already known for being the Spanish capital of endless parties, excellent experimental music, the best Djs, and enormous venues situated along the coastal route El Saler (CV-500) from La Ribarroja to Les Palmeretes. Most of these discotheques have now closed but you can still find some historic places and new projects happening that are bringing back the magic of those years. Not to mention all the recently-opened clubs you just cannot miss, fresh mojitos on the beach, and shots bar around the old town. So here it goes our list of the 10 best clubs in Valencia that your bucket list must have.

 1. La3 Club – Your electronic dealer

Why you should go: THE alternative club in Valencia. Local talents & international electronic legends have passed through its 3 rooms, go and taste the sweat and amazing vibes this club offers.

Atmosphere: Since it was open 7 years ago, LA3 has always been considered the reference electronic club in town. Always filled with a young and cosmopolitan crowd, the place it’s perfect for those who want to run away from mainstream parties and try something different. Get ready to dance your ass off and leave your heels and ties at home.

Music: The 3 rooms of La3 (that’s where the name is from) have been witnesses of many national and international electronic, house and techno artists that any club would be jealous of: Ellen Allien, Carl Craig, Brodinski, Yuksek, Green Velvet, Vitalic, Simian Mobile Disco, T.E.E.D., Tama Sumo or The Magician to name a few.

Recommendations: On weekends queues may get out of hand, highly recommended to buy a presale ticket online & skip the line.

Pricing: Free with Guest List until 02:00 on most nights. Normal entrance is €15 with 1 drink included, bottle service starts at €100 and online tickets are for 10€ with 1 drink valid whole night on most night skipping the queue. Get your ticket in advance here.

mya Valencia xceed

2. Mya – Locals’ favourite

Why you should go: Local crowd’s top pick. Right next to the famous City of Arts & Sciences, which looks magical at night, MYA is the year-long club to be for local young crowds, erasmus students and international visitors.

Atmosphere: With capacity of +2500 people, mya is best described as the go-to stylish club for locals, offering three different music rooms that varies from EDM to pachanga & hip-hop. Celebrities visit this venue often as it holds important events happening in Valencia like sports ceremonies & fashion events.

Music: Mya has three rooms, main room with EDM music, Lobby with latin and commercial vibes and Beats room that offers Hip hop mixed with Reggaeton.

Recommendations: Guys get ready to wear long pants & elegant shoes or face sure rejection at the door.

Pricing: Free on Xceed Guest list before 1:30 most nights or tickets are €10 with 1 drink included skipping the queue. Bottle service starts from 120€.

3. L’Umbracle – Breathtaking open-air club

Why you should go: The unbelievable view, the cocktails and the enormous open air terrace in the most beautiful spot in the city – The City of Arts and Sciences make it a must-see on the list of Valencia nightclubs.

Atmosphere: For its location and elegant style, this club is considered the classy pick for both spanish locals and exchange students but also over 30 party lovers. L’Umbracle inspires chill vibes with its Vip Zones in beautiful gardens filled with candles and amazing palm trees.

Music: Get lost in latin sounds and tropical house music.

Recommendations: As we used to say in the 90s: dress to impress! Make sure you wear your favourite cocktail dress or jacket!

Pricing: Usually offers Free Guest list for girls. Normal entrance is €15 with 1 drink included, bottle service starts at €150. Get discounted entries & guest lists here.

Agenda Club valencia

4. Agenda Club – The student meeting point

Why you should go: Students must. Killer sound system paired with futuristic design and a easy-to-reach location in the heart of the university area.

Atmosphere: The name chosen is no coincidence: they want the club to be on your  “Agenda”  (Calendar) as the place you can not miss. Although its reduced capacity, Agenda is very popular among the local student and the erasmus crowd as its sound system & light show is amongst the best around Blasco Ibañez avenue.

Music:  Within the two rooms of Agenda Club you can listen to Disco, Funk, Hip-Hop, House and the best electronic music in town.

Pricing: Free with Guest List until 02:00 on most nights. Normal entrance is €12 with 1 drink included, bottle service starts at €80 and online tickets are for 8€ with 1 drink valid whole night on most night skipping the queue. Get your ticket in advance here.

play club valencia

5. Play Club – The hipster choice

Why you should go: It’s a great choice for those who want to party in Ruzafa, one of the most upcoming & hipster neighborhoods of Valencia.

Atmosphere: Play Club has become an unmissable night of Valencia in the fashionable district of the city. Concerts take place on Fridays nights and on Saturdays the upper room is characterized by an open karaoke concept: feel like a rock’n’roll star!

Music: Two rooms. The Playroom, with electronic, r&b and pop, and the Bombay room, with all the great hits of the moment.

Pricing:  Free entry on the Xceed Guest list before 2:30 most nights.

nylon club valencia

6. Nylon Club – Centric Indie

Why you should go: Your indie club in the heart of the city.

Atmosphere:  The club’s walls spray hipster vibes. Young people, two rooms to move in, 3 bars and indietronic sounds. Nylon is a great choice if you want to party in the city center while staying away from mainstream clubs.

Music: Nylon Club is divided into two rooms and styles. Downstairs we find pop rhythms, indie and hits and, in the other room, a second environment where tropical beats and indietronic are on top.

Pricing: Free with Guest List until 03:00 on most nights.

akuarela valencia

7. Akuarela – International beach club

Why you should go: The seaside location & its open air terrace.

Atmosphere: Palm trees, happy young people and 100m from the sea. With a capacity of +2,500 people, Akuarela is the beach club for excellence during summer.

Music: The club has 3 rooms with different kind of music depending on the even, though normally resident djs are serving Latin Spanish hits and Reggaeton music on main terrace. In the upper room you can find techno music on some nights and in the room downstairs r&b & classics.

Recommendations: Go for a swim at the beach once the party is over!

Pricing: Free Guest List until 02:00 on most nights. Normal entrance is €20 with 2 drinks included, bottle service starts at €200. Get your ticket in advance here.

indiana valencia

8. Indiana – Classic night out 

Why you should go: Poshy downtown night out.

Atmosphere: After a fire took place in  2007, the nightclub has been completely renovated, while maintaining virtually the same distribution, the decoration is brand new and very original, every nook and wall has a surprise. The usual crowd is young and you can always find a room with a vibe for your tastes.

Music: From Thursday till Saturday they serve in three rooms: House, Funky and Latin.

Recommendations: If you head here on your night out make sure you come looking sharp, and be prepared to get there early or wait in line for a quite.

Pricing: Free entry with Guest List until 02:30 on most nights. Normal entrance is €15 with 1 drink included, bottle service starts at €100 and online tickets are for 8€ with 1 drink valid whole night on most night skipping the queue.

9. Barraca – Techno & Electronic’s temple

Why you should go: Clubbing historical landmark. Barraca is the most famous club in the region since its opening in the 70s. Its top features include an amazing sound system, a 200m from the beach location & the world’s best DJs appearances.

Atmosphere: While entering one of the last clubs standing from the Ruta del Bakalao you can almost feel the legend floating in the air. The club is divided into 4 rooms: Circus, the largest room of all, with a capacity of about a thousand people and it’s where guests DJs usually play, La Barraca room a smaller room where you can hear electro-house and progressive music, a third show room with more minimalist environment, finally a fourth room / terrace has a capacity of 600 people and reminds the terraces of important clubs in Ibiza. The club is very close to the beach so it’s perfect for skinny dipping after a long underground night in Barraca!

Music: Today Barraca is still one of the referent clubs for electronic & techno music in Valencia and features some the best line-ups in Spain.

Recommendations: Leave your car at home, there are free buses taking you to the club and back.

Pricing: Online presales usually start from 15€ and going up to 20€. Get your ticket in advance here.

Le Premier valencia

10. Le Premier – College Night Out

Why you should go: Party like a local.

Atmosphere: Le Premier attracts thousands of young spanish people every weekend. The good atmosphere, the excellent staff employed, it’s researched design and its great hits mixed by resident Djs are some of the reasons that make this place so famous among the young crowds living in Valencia.

Music:  EDM, pachanga, hits and electronic music.

Recommendations: Consider the bottle service for the complete experience!

Pricing: Free Guest List until 02:00 on most nights. Normal entrance is €15 with 1 drink included, bottle service starts at €100 and online tickets are for 10€ with 1 drink valid whole night skipping the queue.

There you have it, our picks for the best night clubs in Valencia 2016, let us know once you have made it to visit them all!