Best clubs in Valencia - techno, electronic, urban, erasmus 2023

Top best clubs in Valencia in 2024 (…and why you should visit them all)

Valencia definitely is one of the greatest party cities in Spain. Known for its amazing summer terraces and year-long massive nightclubs, Valencia is the perfect city to rave from sunset till dawn.

To reach the roots of this fame we must go back to the times of the legendary Ruta del Bakalao. When Ibiza was still new, in the early 80’s until the early 90’s, Valencia was famous for being the city of partying, great experimental music, the best DJs, and huge venues located along the coast of El Saler (CV-500) from La Ribarroja to Les Palmeretes. Most of these clubs are now closed, but you can still find some active that go back to these times and that have made history. Not to mention all the new venues that have just opened and are not to be missed, refreshing mojitos on the beach, and shot bars around the old town. Here is our selection of the top clubs in Valencia that should not be missing on your list of places to visit next time you are in the sunny city.

SPOOK – The essence of the Ruta still going strong

Why you should go: Does nostalgia for the scene of decades ago still run through your veins? Valencia was Spain’s electronic music paradise from the early 80s to the mid-90s, with venues like Spook as key players. After more than 35 years of history, the club has evolved to remain a role model for the region, attracting clubbers from all over the country and the world to its doors. 

The venue has a capacity of approximately 2,000 people and large terraces that add value in spring and summer. The best of the best have been at this still active legend, and to keep up the pace, it still continues to host the top of the scene: Amelie Lens, Charlotte de Witte, 999999999, Klangkuenstler and many more. Long live Spook!

Atmosphere: A musical catharsis between an audience loyal to the roots of what Spook was and visitors curious to discover the old Route feeling. Basically, one of the Valencian meccas of electronic music that you should go to at least once in your life. 

Music: Spook plays within the wide range of techno, turning towards hard and house tinges depending on their different sets. 

Recommendations: WAX and Gordo. Two of the hottest parties if you enjoy the fervent wave of hard techno. 

Prices: You can get Early Bird Tickets for 15€ with a drink until midnight and Backstage access for 35€, with a drink all night.

Barraca – The techno temple

Barraca club Valencia
photo ©Barraca

Why you should go: Historic nightclub. Barraca is the most famous club in the region since its opening in the 70s. Its main features include an incredible sound system, its location 200m from the beach and the world’s top DJs: Nico Moreno, Trym, Paula Temple or Amelie Lens are just some of the endless gems they offer.

Atmosphere: You can almost feel the legend floating in the air. The club is divided into 4 rooms: Circus, the largest of the rooms, with a capacity of around one thousand people and is where guest DJs usually perform, La Barraca a smaller room where you can listen to electro-house and progressive music, a third room with the most minimalistic environment AND finally a fourth room/terrace that has a capacity of 600 people and brings the vibes of the clubs in Ibiza. The club is very close to the beach making it perfect for a swim after a long Underground night at Barraca!

Music: Today Barraca is still one of the reference clubs for techno and hard techno in Valencia and boasts some of the best line-ups in Spain.

Recommendations: Leave your car at home and use the free shuttle buses provided.Prices: Online pre-sales from 15 to 20€.

La3 – Valencian nightlife from another perspective

photo ©LA3

Why you should go: It is one of the Valencian night venues where more local talents and international electronic music legends have passed through a total of 2 rooms. Since they opened years ago and now relocated in Blasco Ibáñez Avenue. LA3 has always been considered a reference in electronic music in the city. Go and taste the energy and good vibes that they can offer you under their neon lights! 

Atmosphere: Always nurtured by a young and cosmopolitan atmosphere, the place is ideal to escape the mainstream and try something new. 

Music: The two rooms of La3 have a good variety of music, both national and international, with house and techno artists that any club would want to have in their venue: Ellen Allien, 2manydjs, The Zombie Kids, Carl Craig, Brodinski, Green Velvet, Vitalic, T.E.E.D. or The Magician are some of the many who have played on their mixing desk. 

Recommendations: Get ready to leave the heels and ties at home and dance until the music stops.
Prices:  The average cost of an Early Bird ticket, if you don’t get a free list spot on Xceed beforehand, is usually between 10 and 15€. To book a VIP table with a bottle, the price ranges from 100 to 250€, depending on the party.

Roto – The ideal mix of sensations in the form of a club

roto club valencia xceed tickets

Why you should go: One of the city’s fastest growing nightlife destinations to watch out for. Roto has become Valencia’s urban reference point, with some of the best producers, DJs and singers on the Spanish scene passing through the two different venues that host this concept: Gordo on Thursdays and Goldens on Fridays and Saturdays. An option, without a doubt, to keep on your radar of choices.

Atmosphere: Modern, Gen Z. Meeting famous people at Roto is a daily occurrence.

Music: Urban sounds take centre stage, with reggaeton, trap, hip-hop, dancehall and R&B influences often among its guests.

Recommendations: Bring out your creative side with your oufit, although we assure you that everyone else’s will inspire you.

Prices: Tickets cost between €10-18 with a drink.

Marina Beach Club – Electronic and gastronomic paradise by the sea

Marina Beach Club Valencia tickets
photo ©Marina Beach

Why you should go: Have you ever imagined electronic music accompanied by a breathtaking sunset? Marina Beach Club is a unique combination of entertainment and dining located in Valencia’s popular Marina, whose views of the Mediterranean will make you want to visit this enclave again.

In addition to its enviable gastronomic offer, its musical selection leaves no one indifferent. We’re not just talking about Spanish legends like DJ Nano or Alexander Som, but also pioneering artists like the Australian twins Nervo, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, Loco Dice and urban trendsetters like Feid or Mora.

Atmosphere: Summery and vibrant. A unique combination of sensations by the sea. 

Music: Mainstream electronic, tech-house and melodic techno, mainly. 

Recommendations: Visit The Next Night or Fayer, one of the most outstanding melodic techno sessions in the country founded by Edu Imbernon himself. The ideal sound to enjoy this club.

Prices: Depends on the month, but tickets are free from Monday to Thursday and on weekends they are around 10-15€ with a drink. Check their website for prices on special days.

Miniclub – Good clubbing comes in small doses

Mini Club Valencia tickets
photo ©Miniclub

Why you should go: Are you one of those who find comfort in small venues with authentic music selection? Then Miniclub is your next destination. Located in the Plaza de Honduras area, close to Avenida Blasco Ibáñez, it is one of the must-visit venues for clubbing and electronic music lovers in the city. Its programming includes well-known national DJs such as Marien Baker, Gustaff and Coqui Selection. 

Atmosphere: A friendly and sociable space, where the main protagonist is the music and the emotions it produces in you. 

Music: Techno and house with personality. The kind of music that stays with you for days after the event. 

Recommendations: Put on your most comfortable trainers because you’ll be grateful after all that dancing.

Prices: Tickets usually cost around 20€ with two drinks. 

OVEN Club Centro – Avant-garde and underground under the same roof

Oven Club Valencia tickets
photo © Oven Club

Why you should go: To enjoy clubbing in the city of the Turia river you don’t have to go any further from the center. In the very heart of Valencia, in the Ruzafa neighborhood, you’ll find the doors of OVEN open from Thursday to Saturday with some of the most exciting line-ups. In addition to its ideal location, the club offers an avant-garde sound in a Funktion-One system with will make you vibrate along with its visuals and eloquent lights.

Atmosphere: Lovers of the clubber feeling, both local and international. OVEN’s electronic music is capable of conquering the hearts of everyone.

Music: In OVEN you can find sub-genres like minimal or deep to techno and house. Connect with your new favorite artist amongst their underground line-ups!

Recommendations: Enjoy some of their open-air Oven Gardens held in the Llit del Turia or one of their exclusive vinyl sets. 

Prices: Tickets are around 10-12€ with a drink until 3.00h.

8. Picca – Pride vibes all year round

picca club valencia xceed tickets
photo © Picca

Why you should go: Valencia’s queer hotspot is called PICCA. The venue, originally known as Piccadilly, began to gain more and more popularity in the city thanks to its original Silent Disco, where people can listen to up to three different channels of music through headphones. In addition to this, PICCA has reaffirmed itself as a LGTBI+ reference in the city, attracting celebrities and allies of the collective such as Alba Reche, Leo Rizzi or Samantha Hudson to liven up its nights. A celebration of pride every week!

Atmosphere: Spicy, free, explosive and fun. A place where you can enjoy a different proposal in an open and sensual atmosphere.  

Music: The most divine pop and reggaeton hits will invite you to give it all on the dance floor. 

Recommendations: Don’t miss their incredible drag shows by the most renowned artists in the country! 

Prices: Their first ticket prices are around 12-15€ and can go up to 18-20€ with a drink. Get your tickets here.

*Bonus: The sweet reopening of the mythical Chocolate

Even before many of you reading this were born, the legendary Chocolate disco in Sueca was already throwing the best parties. From its opening in 1980 until its closure in 2012, this space earned the title of “the king of Saturdays” as one of the most important venues on the Ruta. 

But without going any further, last 2022 the life of Valencian ravers was turned upside down with the reopening of this legendary venue which so many generations and artists have enjoyed. Its characteristic dance floor full of tall columns is more alive than ever and, without a doubt, it is your duty as a clubber to visit it when you travel to Valencia.


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