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Xceed-Premiere-Jay Tripwire-DMT Demento

Xceed Premiere 023: Jay Tripwire – DMT Demento

Almost nine minutes of dark and futuristic music that seek to sum up the “journey to the other side” of the mysterious Canadian producer Jay Tripwire

I time travelled to the year 3155 on a DMT trip, I passed the tests of the goblin kind and was taken to the other side. Once inside- the matrix all was revealed to me, the message of the triangle and sacred geometry intertwined, and the vast heaving weight of the grand consciousness consumed me. The experience lasted years on the astral plane and I lost my sense of time in the real world. All that I had ever learned was stripped away from me and the great deception became omnipresent. This song became the embodiment of sacred evidence, hidden in complex and subliminal rhythms that lead to articles of messages that turn into clandestine frequencies that serve as an inhibitor on a cellular level of the spiritual warfare we face daily.

We simply asked Jay Tripwire when he started working on this track and what the message or purpose behind the project was. You can see that the story comes from very, very far away. The Canadian DJ is a regular on the Superfreq label. This time, he lands in the imprint with a hypnotic, mysterious and futuristic personality artwork. A track that three faithful collaborators like Jared Love, Jehr and Joel West wanted to remix to make up the DMT Demento EP, the label’s SFD069 reference.

Xceed-Artist-Jay Tripwire
Image: © Jukebox PR

Asked about the relationship between the release and the months of lockdown, Jay Tripwire returns to his personal journey: “The only lockdown is the lockdown we face in our minds. The great deception plays a vast role in this separation between our meat robot suits and our collective consciousness. This music helps to sever the ties and barriers put around us. I channelled this piece in 2017 and it underwent many transformations to become the gestalt revision of its legions. This final rendered form you now hear is an interpretation of completion.”

Jay Tripwire’s production processes are earthlier, although they do not escape from “devotion to the silver cord”, so that “the machine and the soul interface to create tapestries of the divine.” The Canadian used Logic as the DAW and his tools were a Korg Electribe ER-1, a Novation Nova, a Moog Little Phatty Mk2, tape-delay pedals and “a message from the 1960s Spiderman cartoon” that resonated with him as a child. “The episode is a psychedelic trip to another dimension and contains the correct wording to have this message enabled,” he concludes.

The DMT Demento EP sees the light next Friday, August 21. As we said, it features the original title-track and three remixes that take it to much more groovy fields (in Jared Love’s case), impregnate it with acidic frequencies (in Jehr’s case) and turn it into a dance floor banger in the wee hours of the night (thanks to Joel West). Jay Tripwire’s original track is an introspective, direct, and seamless journey into the darkest and most distant parts of oneself. It is a track that, without a doubt, gains relevance when one knows the motivation behind its birth.

The result, musically speaking, is a metaphor and a call to arms for those who have transferred to the other side. Those who have made the journey will understand. Those who have not, I hope will find the question that leads to answers hidden in this piece. I hope they question the journey to the other side and can feel the pull from my channelled intention, embedded in the sonic message. The time and place must be determined by the holder of the key and by when to present it to the ritual at hand. The co-ordinates must be established when all the signs point to crossing over.


  1. DMT Demento (Original Mix)
  2. DMT Demento (Jared Love Remix)
  3. DMT Demento (Jehr Remix)
  4. DMT Demento (Joel West Alternative Reality Remix)


(Cover Image: © Superfreq)



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