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Top boutique festivals in Italy – Discover the most intimate side of music

The main purpose of attending a festival is supposed to be the enjoyment of music… But is that really the case? With the rise of social media, the copy-and-paste line-ups at most events and the mix of audiences at some of the bigger ones, there seems to be a feeling that is starting to make us feel out of the scene. And people are looking for an experience that goes beyond! 

That’s where boutique formats come in. This alternative is becoming more and more common, especially in southern locations such as Portugal and Spain, as it puts the focus on the details through a more intimate and exclusive event. Its main distinctive elements are usually the limited capacity and complementary activities, frequently related to art, connection with nature, spirituality or gastronomy. Another of its strong points is the idyllic location, which in countries as touristy as Italy is a piece of cake, but…

Which boutique festivals should be on your radar this season?


The breeze and the colours of a sunset in the mountains of Barga (Lucca), in the heart of Tuscany. Can you really think of anything more bucolic? Limbo Festival will once again delight us with a new edition from 7 to 9 July at the Il Ciocco estate in Garfagnana under the motto “A human future”, which aims to spread the idea of a world in which humans, wellbeing and love are at the centre of everything.

Its musical programme will bring us closer to the experimental, ambient, house and disco sound of artists such as Crussen, Gerd Janson and Gold Panda. The experience will be completed with masterclasses, horseback riding and excursions in the area.


Music, art and history have always been three elements strongly linked, and their connection has been celebrated since 2015 at Mood Festival. This annual event takes place at the emblematic Castello della Rancia and has been committed to the most select electronic sounds since its beginnings: Adiel, Simone de Kunovich or William Djoko are just some of the masters who have played in its booth.

Its next edition will be held between 21 and 22 July, and although its headliners have yet to be revealed, we already know that Mood will expand its format, this time with two stages. On the one hand, the Main Stage – Xceed Privé, which will give the opportunity to live the experience in an exclusive way and, on the other hand, the Wanderlust Stage – Bridge Area in collaboration with the Wanderlust Vision collective, which will provide the most artistic vision of the event. Join the definitive mood in July!


The Italian underground essence extends even to its islands, specifically to Sicily. From the 10th to the 13th of August a new edition of Mast, one of the most important festivals in the region, will take place. Under its four pillars, art, music, territory and sustainability, the event will enliven the sense of community in the region with artists such as Sisters Of Rave. Stay tuned for more confirmations!


Always looking to the future and experimentation, but with the heart firmly committed to the place where it all began: our earth! With this letter of presentation, Earthbeat has been adding colour to the festival season in the region of Bari since 2014 with artists such as Mathame, Fideles, Silvie Loto, Francesco Tristano or Giacomo Denora, often with sets in vinyl format that bring added value to their concept.

And best of all, this year they will be back between June and September with multiple events in which dozens of international artists will perform inside ancient farms such as Lamalunga Visitor Centre or Masseria Colle Carro and divided in three dates: 17th June, 21st July and 10th September

In addition to music, there will be numerous exhibitions, workshops and performances, all centered on this year’s theme: STONE, a fundamental element of our human history, from the first caves in which we lived to the first houses we built, which shelters not only man, but also insects, animals and plants, which find shelter and protection there. Stay tuned for the ticket release!


You can’t understand the concept of a festival beyond music without mentioning Terraforma. From 9 to 11 June in the wooded area of Villa Arconati (Milan), the Italian concept expert in creating experiences of a whole new level is back to awaken all the senses of its visitors and redefine the culture and perspective of the area. Always, of course, based on values such as sustainability and introspection.

With a hybrid musical offer between live and DJ sets, Terraforma will feature the wealth and vision of artists such as Dawuna, upsammy, Dennis Bovell or Still House Plants, among many others. The exploration and explosion of emotions is guaranteed!


Long hair, chains and leather. Yes, rockers also have their own boutique festival in Italy. Since 2017, Frantic has been bringing the best of independent music to Francavilla al Mare (central-southern Italy), following in the footsteps of the big European festivals, with an international line-up. The strength of Frantic Fest lies in its eclectic and unconventional programme, combined with a respect for subcultures and the valorisation of the territory: a way of living and sharing!

Its next edition will take place from 17 to 19 August, with artists such as I Am Morbid or Asphyx. Tune up your guitar and let yourself be carried away by the magic of Frantic!

Singers with guitars at Frantic Fest

If you didn’t get enough of our top 5, the Italian variety is still very wide. Be sure to check out festivals such as Ortigia, Spring Attitude, Sensorama or Komorebi, which continue to expand the festival culture throughout the country.

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