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DGTL Barcelona will recycle your pee

You read that right! The environmentally friendly festival will be the first in Spain to do so in such a big scale, with a plan to recycle 3000 liters of pee per day. Taking place this weekend during the 11th and 12th of August in Parc del Forum, the spanish edition of the Amsterdam festival is already known for being probably the most sustainable festival in the scene, and this new initiative is a milestone for the event.

All of the urine collected in these cabins instantly enters the recycling process and begins to produce phosphate, which is an excellent fertilizer for trees, plants, vegetables and fruit. The LED panels installed on the sides of the toilet cabins will show the usage count.



Food Makers, an association that works behind the cooking stoves with refugees, immigrants and other groups at risk of social exclusion to offer them something as basic as an occupation, fostering a way to integrate them into the host society. This organization will include a new product called heura, a soy protein that has the same texture as chicken, used for the first time ever in DGTL festivals. This time, meat in all noodles and/or teriyaki dishes will be replaced by heura.

Regarding the veggie initiative, an ‘awareness pool’ filled with foam cubes will show the amount of water saved thanks to the consumption of vegetables instead of meat during the festival. Every 100 grams of meat will save 2250 liters of water, which adds to a total of 68,8 million liters throughout the festival weekend.

Another of the initiatives included in the program is plastic recycling with a group of industrial designers that will organise workshops to teach attendees how to manufacture their own recycled keychains on the spot.

The most forward thinking electronic music and art come together for a couple of days in a unique location that will take your breath away! If on top of that you’re figthting against climate change, you have an event that no electronic music fan can miss.