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SÓNAR IS COMING: 12 Gifs to Improve Your Chances of Surviving Sónar 2016

136p8n-1The time is almost upon us and we thought that we would compile a list of tried and tested tips for surviving Sónar 2016.

1. Have a Plan of Attack

Advance tickets are like gold. Without them, prepare to either wait in line forever or be denied outright.

Pro Tip: Use Xceed to get your tickets ahead of time.

2. Thou Shalt not eat (or Sleep)*

Look, you didn’t come to Sónar festival to sample tapas and paella, did you? You came here to party.  Sleeping and eating are just a waste of your precious time.

The likelihood that your jaw still works diminishes with every passing second. Smoothies are your best friend this week. Try a green juice con vodka and you’re good to go for at least another 8 hours.

*we take no responsibility if you die

3. It’s Ok to Take Candy From Strangers

Forget what your parents told you, strangers are your friends at Sónar. Chewing gum, water… if your new friend offers you some of their personal stash it would be rude to say no, right? However – don’t buy drugs from strangers: your buddy on Las Ramblas isn’t selling anything worth buying. Trust us on this one.

4.Have Somewhere to Stay

This is mostly just important as somewhere to put your stuff and take showers, but is also useful for when that line you just took from a stranger turned out to be ketamine. YOLO

But remember kids: after-parties are best left to someone (literally anyone) else’s apartment.

5. Every Man for Himself

We all have that one friend who always gets lost. Well during Sónar, all of your friends turn into that guy. With so many parties to attend and a sense of judgement severely impaired by lack of sleep/substance abuse, trying to keep your troops in formation quickly becomes like herding cats. Don’t rely on anyone for anything. Keep some cash, “party supplies”, and keys to the apartment on your person at all times and you should be fine.

6. Pool Parties Are Your Friends

Pool parties are the ideal way to slowly ease your way back into the groove, or if you’re still awake from yesterday you can at least lie down for a while and work on your tan.

Our pick: Sven Vath at the FACT Pool Series

7. Sunscreen Is Also Your Friend

Yes we know you haven’t seen the sun since last September and and this is your big chance to finally get a tan – but please do yourself a favour and use adequate SPF protection.

8. Your Best Friend? Sunglasses.

By Sunday you’re basically going to look like an extra from the Walking Dead and I promise that you will want to cover that shit up. Bring 8 pairs of sunglasses if you have to. Everyone looks cool in photos wearing sunglasses.

game-thrones-season-5-spoilers-white-walkers-hardhome copy

9. Poble Espanyol

This place is like a funhouse of OFF Week parties all wrapped up into one neat little Spanish castle atop a mountain in the middle of the city.

Our Pick: Ellen Alien @ La Terrrazza

10. The Legend of Sonar

The legend goes that somewhere in the city of Barcelona there is an actual festival called “Sónar“. It is said that if you search hard enough through the thousands of event listings taking place that week you might actually find it. Seriously though, maybe go one day/night if you’ve never been before (or not).

11. Monday’s Weather Forecast: Cloudy With a Chance of Hungover

This is the aftermath. Prepare for bad times. You took out a massive loan from the BOH (Bank of Happiness) and the time has come for you to pay it back.

12. But in the end – Fuck it

Go with the flow. Made some mistakes? Don’t worry, there’s always next year!

What are your pro tips for surviving Sónar? Did we miss something? Let us know in the comments!