Our favourite DJ’s before they were famous.

Music is an eternal pleasure. Or so we hope. We have an ever growing history of music to enjoy until our ears fall off. And although music is endless, the same does not go for the lives of it’s creators. But! Today, we focus more on the beginning than on the end. Or rather, what happened just before before the beginning of fame for 5 music masters.



What a smile, you go Carl! So this picture shows that he already had his signature tooth-gap smile before he got famous.

Before the age of 15, the English Dj and producer began to experiment with rare groove, American hip hop and electro. But it was when he heard “Acid Trax” by Phuture (a.k.a. Dj Pierre) in ’87 when the legend found his sound. And what a sound it is!



Few would bet that this young, blonde, four-eyes would become one of the best Dj’s in the history of techno. Even less, if they knew that before, he used to work at a rental video store and even in a McDonald’s!



Here we have “The Wizard”, as the teenager Jeff Mills called himself. He used to punch in at the local radio station before he founded the Techno group: Underground Resistance.



Paul started to play in his native Berlin at the end of ’92. Inspired by the techno movement that arose after the fall of the wall, together with his friend Sascha Funke, he began this small adventure that seems to have led him far beyond the Berlin underground world.



In this photo we see the heavyweight doing what he does best. However, before becoming the DJ and producer that he is today, Laurent Garnier, was working for a couple of years as a waiter in London, at the French Embassy until 1986, when his successful career took off!

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