10 Quick and cheap go-to Halloween outfit ideas

It is time to celebrate the spookiest time of the year: Halloween! And as the city has no shortage of costume parties, the pressure to figure out your Halloween costume is rising. But finding the perfect outfit doesn’t have to be stressful or expensive! Xceed’s got your back. We have selected the best easy and cheap costume ideas that you can make yourself at home. Now you will have more money left to spend on partying!


The “slutty” costume

For some people, Halloween is just another great excuse to get wild and go home with someone for the night. That might be fun and all, but going home the next morning in your Halloween costume can get a bit awkward. Planning ahead is key and there is nothing to be ashamed about anyway. In this costume, your “walk of shame” will become a stride of pride. Yes, I had sex yesterday. And yes, I am proud of it.


The “I adore superfood” costume

Avocado… peel the avocado… We get it guys! You love avocado. So why not show your love for your favorite superfood in this amazing, cheap and easy DIY avocado costume. Now, that is dedication.


The “lazy” costume

Now if you are really really lazy, this “Netflix and Chill” costume might be the perfect go-to outfit for you. What it lacks in charm and effort, it makes up for in practicality. Every Halloween party needs more ice at some point in the night! And let’s be honest: Who does not like to “Netflix and Chill”?


The “I’m such a music snob” costume

If you find yourself in the category where you really like electronic music and you do not want to miss out on any chance to show people what kind of a music snob you really are, picking out a costume is by far the worse part of all the tacky things Halloween forces upon you. However, dressing yourself as your favourite techno DJ might be the outcome for you. To be fair, you don’t really need a lot to become Ricardo Villalobos for one night: just gallons of sweat, headphones and bags under your eyes. But you probably might look like this after a heavy night of partying anyways.


The “woman for a day” costume

For some reason, Halloween is also always a great excuse for men to feel what it is like to be a woman for a day. So, if you are secretly quite curious what it would be like to have nice blonde hair and have men stare at you all night, this Barbie costume might be it for you! Just be aware that you might want to stay like this forever. Because life in plastic, it’s fantastic! 


The “mini-me” costume

Now if you have kids, little brothers, cousins, you name it… you have to make sure that they look as fab as you do! And nothing is more fun than dressing your little eyecandy as your favorite characters on TV. Look at this mini Walter White and Jesse Pinkman for instance. How cute! They probably have no idea that they are embodying the greatest drug dealers in TV history though…


The “people’s worst nightmare” costume

Okay, so people tend to forget that for Halloween we are initially meant to be dressed as something scary. For those of you that still want to embody the idea of scaring your neighbors, this is the costume for you. And no, we are not talking about Penny Dreadful, because we have something way more frightful for you in mind. Because in 2017, what could be more scary than having no Wifi or no internet? Yeah… thought so.


The “naked” costume

If you really don’t feel like spending a lot of money on your Halloween costume, you can always go naked. No not actually naked, you perv. Let’s keep it at least a little bit classy this Halloween in this censored naked costume.


The “punny” costume

Everyone can appreciate some good wordplay and a nice joke, so if you run out of ideas on what to wear this Halloween and you are on a budget, this outfit might help you steal the show. And hey, it is even a bit scary as well!


The “look at me I am super pretty” costume

If you are on a budget, but you don’t really care about how sexy you look, you can dress yourself as Darla from finding Nemo. Purple sweatshirt, headgear, and a fish in a bag? Easy! And to be fair, wouldn’t we all appreciate a good Disney reference? Bonus points if you managed to get laid in this costume!


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