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Get to know: MLiR (Modern Life Is Rubbish)

It all started in Sweden when two minds Marco Gegenheimer and Einar Christoffersson gave life to MLiR  (‘Modern Life Is Rubbish’). The duo, driven by their passion of music, joined their forces in order to create a style that lines between wide-yes exotica and high-intensity festival blitzin’. In 2016, they created their debut EP ‘Swedish Lo-Life’; one that came out on Studio Barnhus label. MLiR gave us the opportunity to interview them on the occasion of their apparence to the amazing festival Días de Campo. Let’s hear out what this crew is about.

Can you describe your duo in 3 words?

Modern Life Is…

What are the influences in your approach to music?

Life in general. City life, traveling, nature, cultures, politics, hard to find records.

What is your ‘guilty pleasure’ track?

That is way to hard to answer (too much good music out there), but here is one that’s bugged our minds for the past weeks:

 Your first vinyl?

Marco: Tortoise TNT

Einar: Some Swedish traditional dance-band record called Flamingokvartetten

What is your greatest memory as duo ? 

One of the great moments was was last year when Axel Boman opened his set with “El Baile de Los Muertos” at the Off Sonar Pampa party at El Monasterio. People went nuts and we had no idea he would. It’s such a feeling when you hear your new stuff out!

Can you share your worst as well?

When “El Marcianito” came and made our lives impossible.

Do have any other passion than music?

Nature. Sex. Food. The Green Revolution that is ongoing. The fascinating world of the Octopus.

I’ve seen that you’re going to perform at Días de Campo for the coming month. Looking forward to it?

Yes, of course! The place looks amazing and the people involved are super nice!

3 tracks you’ll be listening to until your death?

Any song on Einar’s debut album as “Alterfix” coming soon.

Yancey Boys – Flowers (Marco’s G-fonkheimer Lick)

What can we expect from you in 2017?

Our second EP for Studio Barnhus is coming out this summer. We are also finishing work for Lossless and Banoffee Pies.

Einar is self-releasing his solo album and Marco is working with Son Dos (Marco and Tapia Arriagada), plus with him and his friend Jens Ingelstedt’s record shop and future record label, Magic Teapot Records. Magic Teapot will release some of our first stuff together as a project. More experimental and non 4/4 beats only.