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Five bomb tracks you will dance to this Saturday with Charlotte de Witte in Torino

The Belgian DJ and producer is one of the biggest sensations of the last two years in the global techno scene. This Saturday will be her third performance in Italy this April and, for now, no more gigs in the country are scheduled. Last chance! 3

Speaking about techno has become synonymous with speaking about Charlotte de Witte in recent years. The Belgian DJ and producer has experienced a ‘boom’ that has settled her up in the first row of the genre internationally. Actually, her more underground sounds have been delighting the local Belgian scene for years. Her electro side was boosted to the maximum under her other alias, Raving George. Later, she chose to use her real name to focus on 100% techno vibes.

Currently, Charlotte de Witte is one of the emerging pearls with more prestige. Her productions have been released by renowned labels such as Suara, Turbo Recordings, Off Recordings, Sleaze Records, Novamute, Mary Go Wild Black, Bonzai Progressive or K7, among others. Her inclusion for this year in big festivals’ line-ups such as Awakenings, Welcome To The Future or Sónar Festival consolidates her at the top of the genre.

It’s not a secret that techno is one of the most demanded music styles by the Italian public. Therefore, Charlotte becomes a great claim in the country. In this month of April, we were able to enjoy De Witte in Bolgia (Bergamo) and Milan. If you were not there, this Saturday is your last chance, because, for now, there are no coming gigs scheduled for the artist in Italy. SHOUT! hopes to meet you all at 11 pm at the Audiodrome Live Club to burn with her the soles of your shoes until 4:30 in the morning. There are only a few more tickets on sale!

Although the most industrial techno is its main goal when producing, Charlotte has shown an interest also in more melodic fields. Her edit of ‘The Solver’ by Ben Long is a very clear example of this. As it is also Varpulis, published in Suara.

The last surprise she gave us was the project that Bonzai proposed to her. For her, Jones & Stephenson were idols of adolescence. Their label offered her to edit their best work, ‘The First Rebirth’, which was a challenge she could not reject. She adopted this trance anthem to the techno rhythm to which she has accustomed us.

Torino will be LIT. Charlotte is on the way.

Where: Audiodrome Live Club
When: Saturday, 28th April
Line-up: Charlotte de Witte


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