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Where have Milk Drinkers been and what is Mistakes?

Mistakes is an electronic music band by definition, but punk in their purpose, launched in 2016 by producer & visual artist Sam Cortéz. It’s in its core an anormaly. Since the beginning and till their end, their route shall take no regard to the labyrinth of socially acceptable. Complicated elaborations may be essential to the EDM trends but they stay pure, they honour their own code.

They started the project in 2010 as Milk Drinkers. After five years their visions expanded and they have decided to create a new conceptual structure, correcting their mistakes from the past.

Mistakes is then a re-brand of Milk Drinkers, this well established duo from eastern Europe.

It’s a continuation of the same rebellious mentality but bringing even more artistic freedom, exploring more genres and eventually, chasing a revolution in the approach to music production. It is bound to find support in the artist that truly leave a footprint, as it was inspired by those and hopes to inspire the next, it is set to discover something that hasn’t been heard or seen, the future.

Pop That” was put together in a collaboration with the up and coming techno member, producer ACID Rocky. It is as a futuristic acid track with dynamic structure complemented with different styles and genres.

The video is creating an artificial, trippy world that describes the squad’s home region of ex-Yugoslavia and their preposterous fashionable lifestyle. It was directed and produced by the artists themselves and their visual team , with whom they are already working on the continuation of more upcoming releases.

To sum it up in their immortal mantra: “The point is not to bring order and clearance but to enlighten the world with the rebellious art of constructive destruction that doesn’t know any conformity.










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