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Discogs launches 4 new marketplaces in books, comics, films and posters

The well-known online marketplace for physical music releases announced that it will be expanding by launching four new marketplaces. It will be moving beyond music by offering new platforms for books, comics, films and posters. By the launch of the sites Bookogs, Comicogs, Filmogs and Posterogs, the creators want to tap into new collector cultures.

The marketplace, that was originally launched in 2000 as a database of electronic music, has become one of the largest selling places for electronic music and releases of vinyl media over the past years. In April earlier this year, they have already launched a new brand extension, called Gearogs, a marketplace focussed on audio equipment.

With the launch of the new websites, they want to enable fans to check out film listings on Filmogs, unique posters on Posterogs, comics on Comicogs and books on Bookogs. The current focus for now is to build databases for these extensions. The sites will be free of listing and seller fees for a limited time during the launch. The four new divisions will be open for the public during the month of September.



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