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Those women storming the clubbing scene

Nothing new that the 8th of March is a day dedicated to women, the “birthday” of the whole female gender. Beyond the usual consumerism and the infinite posts on Facebook, this occurrence must act as a day of reflection on extremely important issues and as a day dedicated to the dialogue and confrontation.

A good occasion for us to still speak about music, with a specific focus on the female gender, in order to celebrate, in our little, this important day.
There are many female that could be considered among the most influential within the clubbing scene. However, in this article we want to cite those upcoming DJs that could give you their version of how electronic music should be experienced, both in terms of production and dj sets. Having said that, we will present some of the most promising female DJ’s, to help you find out which of these artists are worth, in our humble opinion, to keep an eye on, because of their fast-moving development and achievements within the music panorama.



Great stuff from OR:LA. Her concentration to nail the mix in each of her dj sets is making this english artist as one of the most interesting of the electronic panorama. Fresh music, good rhythms, eclecticism, these are the ingredients composing the all OR:LA‘s dj sets.



She is a top rising star on the techno scene and she won’t stop in her path. Hailing from Brazil but actually living in Barcelona, Anna has won Best Breakthrough Artist 2016 at DJ Awards in Ibiza, and in the course of the 2017 she has heavily spread her music all around the world, achieving an ever-growing popularity.

With the release of some her productions via famous record labels such as Diynamic, Turbo Recordings, Get Physical and RUKUS, together with a huge number of DJ sets in some of the top-tire clubs of the world, Anna has fully deserved her place at the forefront of dance music scene, gaining the praise of the critics and a well-deserved credibility by the whole clubbing fauna.



The energy and passion that Jayda G brings, together with an amazing selection of tunes, is what makes her sets so funny and in the same time so interesting. We all need this groove, this selection and especially a dj with such good vibes. Therefore, keep on going Jayda, a bright future is waiting for you.



An artist who is definitely on the right path. Peggy Gue is a producer hailing from Korea who has her base of operations in Berlin. She began to stand out within the international panorama in 2016 thanks to a series of EP published via REKIDS label.
Well known the collaborations with Jackmaster, who is counting on her to play a series of parties throughout the UK.



A relatively new artist, Charlotte De Witte has already been able to prove her skills and value through her productions and live sets. Red Bull Elektropedia’s Award for best producer in 2016. Her song, “My feeling”, on Turbo Recordings “Sehnsucht”, was Mixmag’s Track of 2016. In 2017, Trax Magazine dubbed her ‘nouvel espoir de la techno belge’ while Tsugi coined her “revelation of 2017″. Considering this trend, 2018 will live up to her short but already rich legacy.



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