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Xceed Premiere 009: Syberian – Rising Of The Sun

This is the techno and rave sound from Russian Sergey Yakovlev, who travels from the deep forests of the Urals to the cave with his new album on Diffuse Reality

Syberian is the musical project of Sergey Yakovlev. From the depths of the Ural forests, Syberian developed a sound that draws on the rave aesthetics of the 90s, adapting the rawest and most authentic recording methods to new trends. Syberian commands the series of events Ravers Guide To Love, in which he supports the local underground scene in Moscow. From the Russian capital, he continues to develop his music, having already released on cult labels such as Planet Rhythm or A R T S, and now landing on Diffuse Reality with the album Electric Jazz For Cave People.

I started working on these tracks at the end of 2017, following a live show I had to prepare for my friends from Monasterio. I try to share my point of view: music should be enough simple and primitive, with a clean idea to sting bodies up to dance and minds to think beyond. After all, we all are cavemen despite all our technologies.


Image: © Syberian’s Press Kit


Syberian worked on this release with Frooty Loops, a software he says is perfect for him, as he works alone in his home studio. When performing live, Syberian switches to Ableton, assuming “the good challenge of working between two programs”. He advocates the use of completely naked synths and avoids the use of samples. With his two AKAI Mini-Controls and his Touchpad, he achieves the “physical feeling” he so much longs for in his productions and performances.

Electric Jazz For Cave People makes clear reference to that concept of cavemen that Syberian has of Humanity. The album is composed of nine tracks. Five of them are originals. The other four are remixes of “Lush Knowledge” by Berg Jaär, Greenbeam & Leon, Fran Hartnett and S S S S. Today, we are listening to “Rising Of The Sun”, the third track on the album, which will be released on Monday 6th April.



These tracks are not intended for small, intimate shelters, but anyway they carry a huge low-end which can fit any club space. Their loopy hypnotic fence offers a good chance to trance. I’m really freaky about such a type of music, but I love it. Those dark, minimalist vibes… Isn’t it a jazz cave? It reminds me of the New Year I spent in ://about blank, in Berlin, with Paula Koski spreading a lot of traversing techno.



1. Perfect Body
2. Lush Knowledge
3. Rising Of The Sun
4. Adjustment
5. Rhythm
6. Lush Knowledge (Berg Jaär Remix)
7. Lush Knowledge (Greenbeam & Leon Remix)
8. Lush Knowledge (Fran Hartnett Remix)
9. Lush Knowledge (S S S S Remix)



(Cover Image: © Yvonne Cilia)




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