crowd of people ticketing passes strategies

How to cultivate a loyal community within your crowd with ticketing passes

Humans have an innate need to belong, to feel part of something larger than ourselves to experience a sense of fulfillment. In terms of music events, this translates to returning to your trusted club every weekend or your favorite festival every summer. It’s about buying their merch, bumping into the same (un)familiar faces on the dance floor, and ultimately, being part of a community united by a shared passion.

On the ticket sales front, there’s also the possibility of cultivating that audience that goes all in for you, as long as you know how to use the right strategies and tools. Our favorite one? Passes. An added value designed for those who keep coming back for more, dance to every track until the soles wear thin, and, at the end of the day, embody the essence of your brand. But what are their specific pros? We’ll spill the beans based on our experience with Nightgraph.

crowd of people dancing ticketing passes strategies
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A steady income stream

Think of passes as your favorite playlist – you will never want it to end. By offering this possibility to your customers, who will buy them well in advance of your events, you’ll have predictable income. This will make managing your finances easier and allow you to plan other matters. Secure the steady revenue stream ahead of your tickets going on sale and incentivize your crowd to commit to your entire season. This gives you the ability to plan with confidence, whether it’s to enhance the experience, invest in future event production, secure bookings of renowned artists, or hire and train your staff more effectively.

Tips for Xceed Passes:

▹ Set up pricing, and total availability and create a marketing campaign around it.

▹ Use tiers of passes with different pricing, to ensure the selling-out

▹ Receive extra revenue with weekly payouts of tickets events + passes sold.

Commitment to those who matter most

Passes are the perfect way to strengthen your relationship with your most loyal followers. Imagine offering them a unique pass that gives them access to multiple events with a simple QR code with your logo, that they’ll always have on their phone Wallet. They pay once and have guaranteed access to several parties per season or month, whether it’s every day of the week or the specific days you choose for the pass.

Tips for Xceed Passes:
▹ Set availability: set the date range, or choose specific days of the week: “All-year long pass”, “Fridays-only pass”, “Early-Entry Pass”, “3am after-hours pass” – play around the offers and pricing as you want.

▹ Remember, your crowd will appreciate the benefits you give them – if it’s a queue jump, free drink, or merch for the pass-holders.

▹ Special dates like Halloween, NYE are nights with extra demand, we recommend switching off the passes for one-off events, like that to make the most of it’s revenue potential

This feature makes it easy for the everyday clubber to return every weekend. But it goes beyond that. Your PR and content creators, who will give your events more visibility, can have recurring access to the guest list or backstage without having to secure a spot for every date you release.

Also, passes are nominative (individual) and non-transferable (protected from resale platforms). You’re in control, make them want to come back for more.

Tips for Xceed Passes:

▹ Create passes for your partners: issue a certain amount of passes per season for your press partners, sponsors, influencers or model agencies.

Let them know they are always welcome, and make sure to communicate dates and lineups in advance.

Farewell to unnecessary bureaucracy

Hitting multiple birds with one stone in ticket sales can be the key to reducing your worries. With passes, you get rid of the need to handle a bunch of individual transactions, which means less hassle and more time to focus on making the party unforgettable. From this starting point, you will be able to access other aspects such as customisable access and validity criteria or the connection of passes between various venues, which will allow you to build a tailor-made event.

I’m on the guestlist for the whole season.

A sentence that every clubber wants to say to his or her friends at least once in a lifetime.

Get to know your audience like never before

When people buy passes, as a promoter, you can leverage it by gathering valuable data about their preferences, attendance patterns, and behaviors.

This data can be used to improve future events and tailor your marketing efforts. You learn from everything. Maybe after selling your first pass, you’ll have a clearer picture of when and how to send exclusive offers, personalized content, and event recommendations based on attendance history and the tastes of your most loyal fans.

Make it simple: Nightgraph passes are the magic wand for promoters that will allow you to manage your events in detail and pamper those you choose.

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