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10 Crazy Party Stories Told By Students

If you thought the night when you trow up in front of everyone at that party was the worst thing that ever happened to you, stop complaining and take a step back. To all my party lover friend, let me reassure you, you’re not alone in this world! Here’s an article for you so that you won’t feel ashamed  anymore (or at least let’s say less ashamed…), here’s finally an article you can identify with.

We’ve asked 10 students using Studocu to share their best-ridiculous-bizarre party stories. Some of them are wild and quite unbelievable. Let me wish you a very happy moment reading those stories; cheers to all  my mad revelers!

Lady Boy

“We went on holiday to Madrid. On the first night we had a dinner consisting of mostly sangria. We decided to spend the majority of the night in a really cool place, in the coolest neighbourhood in town. When we got there we lost one another and everyone ended up having totally different nights. At sunset I was was walking home and I saw one of friends emerging from a building with the biggest woman I have ever seen in my life. My friend who I was with wasn’t even sure if it was a woman at all.”


“I decided to go to the music festival Nosalive in Lisbon to meet some friends there that it’s been a while since I never see them. I decided to take a Blablacar to go there and I arrived without any problem. The problems came when i received an email saying that my return ride was cancelled. I was about to buy another ticket but I realized that I got my wallet stolen, so i had to go back home by hitchhiking (something I’ve never done before) and it worked! The bad part of this it was that I had to ask in the gas stations for food (Dry bread) to be able to eat.”

A little bit far

“Once my amazing university crew of 15 people and I went to Barcelona to celebrate the end of our exams. We booked an expensive house with a swimming pool, massive garden next to the beach and we paid almost all the rent in advance. It was only after we arrived and ordered a taxi there that we realised the house was over 150km away from the centre! We instead decided to spend half the week there and the other half wasting our money in the centre. But at least we had fun and enjoyed the holiday.”

Drunk Cinderella

“I drank so much one night while clubbing that when I woke up I wasn’t just hungover, but I also lost my high heel and my phone. I felt like an alcoholic Cinderella. Then I tried to remember what happened the night before with my high heel so I went from bar to bar with my other high heel asking if somebody had seen it. When I came back home I found that my prince was my janitor, he had my phone and my high heel”

Happy hangover

“One night I got blackout drunk and passed out in my bed. When I woke up I was still barely conscious. Scrolling through my newsfeed I saw a competition hosted by a study resource site I use, StuDocu. They were offering a chance to win an iphone in return for uploading documents. I uploaded a few of the best documents I had and fell back asleep, by the time I woke up I had won a brand new iphone, couldn’t believe my luck to be honest.”

Homeless students

“A bunch of my Erasmus friends and I decided to go on an outdoor adventure. Everything that could have possibly happened did happen! I organized a day trip to visit Sesimbra, a small seaside town 200 km far from Lisbon where we were spending our Erasmus. We intended to return to Lisbon that evening, so we didn’t think it was necessary to bring our warm jackets or credit cards. None of us had envisioned that the last train would leave at 4pm, thus our 9pm arrival at the station. We started going around the city asking locals where we could sleep for free.  It was freezing cold and by 11 O’clock there was a storm. We found a log cabin next to the beach that we thought we could sleep in. But the waves were too high and it was super dangerous. At midnight an old man suggested that we should go to the fire department to ask for a place to stay. We thought it was our only hope so we went. We were pretty much homeless. They provided us with dinner and also gave us dry clothes to sleep in. The next morning they drove us all the way back to University in their fire trucks!”


“I was super drunk and barely had the sense and ability to order myself an Uber. I just about made it into the Uber and passed out right away. I woke up a 5 hour drive from my house with no phone, wallet or shoes. The Uber driver had stolen everything and dropped me in the middle of nowhere. Luckily I got home safe and contacted Uber and my driver served time in jail, no biggy.”

A 300 people massive party at home

“One Thursday evening we threw a massive party at the last minute. We didn’t really expect anyone to turn up because everyone had university the following morning. We invited 100 people only 2 hours before it started. To our surprise, well over 300 people turned up. I had an assignment due the next day at 9am which I had to turn in personally to my tutor. I hadn’t even started it before the party and ended up getting absolutely smashed. It got to 4am and I realised I had only 5 hours left to complete this assignment. I drunkenly started doing the assignment, luckily I found all that I needed at and managed to pass with flying colours, even if I did turn it into my tutor whilst still drunk.”

The new Project X?

“We were going to celebrate a farewell party with a group of friends. It  was late at night, and what has to be a nice cozy dinner soon turned into an second version of American Pie. We were more than 50 people in a small apartment (there were people that nobody knew there).People locked in rooms having sex, other people puking on the coaches, flying food and condoms balloons (I hope they weren’t used). The result was that even the guardian dog ended up having sangria!!”

Bloody artistic (and freaky)

“We were having a party at our house and one of the guests got a little out of hand. He started breaking beer bottles on the floor and dancing in the shards of glass in his bare feet. The dance floor cleared and formed a circle around him, watching as he began rolling around on the floor cutting himself on the glass. One of my housemates started yelling at him to get out and he turned to her and said “Stop censoring my art”.



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