This is great news for all DJ’s and producers. The SoundCloud streaming platform has just announced that they will now be able to monetize their sets and remixes, and thus generate revenue based on listening to their titles.

This decision is part of a logic of reconciliation with the DJ’s and producers. The Berlin-based firm believed that DJ generally incorporated tracks from other artists in their sets which constituted an infringement of copyright. In the face of protests and a desire to reconnect with a community, SoundCloud announced at the end of 2016 that it had reached an agreement with GEMA to end the suppression of mixes.

In a new release released on March 13, SoundCloud announces that DJs and producers will now be able to monetize their mixes, remixes and “any other creations” by joining its Premier program. Launched at the end of 2014 targeting DJs and producers, this premium formula allows them to receive a fee when putting their productions online.

The system is that of revenue sharing, as Stephen Bryan, SoundCloud’s Content Manager at THUMP, explain that revenues generated by advertising and subscription subscriptions (Soundcloud Go and Go +) are redistributed depending on how many plays the artist receives and the total “listening time”. The productions of artists who have been listened to the longest, liked and shared most often, will generate the greatest income. This schema is also used by competing streaming platforms such as Spotify or Apple.

So if you’re a rising star or a simple producer & wish to earn a bit don’t think too much and subscribe on Soundcloud !