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CEO/Founder/Owner at Selbstportrait Musik... TOOLROOM / 1605 / KD MUSIC / AGILE / DEEPERFECT / FACTOMANIA / HOTFINGERS / NIGHT LIGHT / ALCHEMY / FUNK 'N DEEP Amid the country’s burgeoning electronic music scene, DJ Unique fast becoming recognised as one of Croatia’s finest future export. Hailing from the city of Pula, his innovative sound epitomizes the phrase “let the music speak” and can best be described as experimental, percussive and innately intelligent. His faultless back catalogue boasts a dominance of releases on the likes of 1605, KD Music, Agile Records, Alchemy (Italy), Toolroom, Hotfingers, Night Light Records, The Factoria and Alleanza Records, and continues to draw support from industry greats such as Umek, Marco Carola, Richie Hawtin, Dubfire, Mark Knight, Paco Osuna, Carlo Lio and Marco Bailey. For complete Bio including Press shots & selected discography please download PressKit here: