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Bookings: The Bandit aka Spy dj. In 1997 starts to make music playing with software, a bass and a guitar. Same year start to work in a radio show. A year later start to do dj sets in Bunker store, records and graffiti shop from barcelona but is in 2001 when get our first residence and night debut as a professional dj in Neon - Nitsa, becoming in a few months one of the greatest names of electro movement in barcelona. In 2003 create the Electroclub partys. These partys quickly become a meeting point of the bass, electro, Italo & technopop lovers and get a good place in the local scene. He has continued to offer his shows for many clubs in the city and some outside, from the most important to the most dark and underground... Always working in electro sounds get his place in some labels like Prodamkey records, Audiovisual theorem, Artifexbcn, Redthree, Kirofano de audio, Kremadelik, Subsonic device... Electro & Techno rules!

The Bandit