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Sean Crazz is based in Tel Aviv, Israel. Since the beginning of his career right after competing Sound and Music Production studies, Sean has created a personal touch of unique sound with an old school soul that brings you strong and remarkable beat, turning each of his sessions into a whole different experience. Sean has graduated at BPM Collage, the official study facility in Tel Aviv for Steinberg, Abelton & more. Sean has been immediately recognized for his unique personal sound and started to cooperate with major producers and productions Such as WE Party, World Pride and more in Tel Aviv and around the globe. His mixture of various house genres that include Tribal, Progressive, Tech House and Underground, tinged with uplifting Vocals from time to time, become an absolute treat every time he plays. His live sets captivate and impress with impeccable construction through private mixes, live mash ups, and original productions. He’s Remixes and mixs are being charted constantly in the nightlife playlists in Tel Aviv and around the world by big & leading names in the industry. Sean Crazz was also involved in major productions for MTV Israel, mixed & compiled podcast series at 102FM Tel Aviv Radio and played in major clubs in Israel and around the world. Here you can find all the official productions released by Sean, and also featured on Sean's MixCloud Page - Contact through – Gmail – , Facebook - & Instagram -

Sean Crazz