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★ ENGLISH ➠ Robert Soko started his parties in Berlin in 1993. He coined the term BalkanBeats and offered iconic compilations and albums, which are still today a blue print to any Balkan party. ➠ It took off, and by 2009, he had introduced his style and established regular BalkanBeats events in London, Paris and Budapest. Since then he started BalkanBeats parties in Mexico City & Tokyo and continues touring the world to spin this music. ➠ Nowadays, BalkanBeats is a genre. The true key to Soko´s success is his talent as a DJ, his connection with the dance floor and ultimately ability to make any crowd, from the aficionados to the heavy metal listeners, jump and lose themselves in his tunes. ♫ MUZIKA ♫ ➠ These traditional sounds, mixed with modern electronic beats, hit the party crowd like a lightning bolt. BalkanBeats is rough and full of emotion, weeping and laughing at the same time. Jumping. Handwaving. Shouting. Intoxicating and ecstatic. That’s why Robert Soko’s BalkanBeats Party became a style unto itself, now imitated by many all over the world. ➠ BalkanBeats has the power to transform a crowd of strangers into a circle of friends. This is the message: Unify the people. Move your body. And move your heart. ★ DEUTSCH BalkanBeats - ein eklektischer Mix aus elektronischen Dance-Rhythmen und traditioneller Balkan-Folklore –hat mit seiner aufregenden, energiegeladenen Mischung aus westlichen und orientalischen Klängen und seinen asymmetrischen Rhythmen die Welt im Sturm erobert. ROBERT ŠOKO, der Berliner bosnischer Abstammung, ist der kreative Kopf und Begründer der legendären, einzigartigen Partyreihe, die in der Lage ist, weltweit Fremde zu Freunden werden zu lassen. * Mittlerweile ist BalkanBeats ein "Genre" geworden das viele internationale DJ´s inspiriert hat und überall in der Welt als sehr temperamentvolle Tanzveranstaltung gefeiert wird.

Robert Soko