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Hazina Francia AKA Petit Singe returns to give a sign of what’s to come in the very near future. Her transdimentional approach is always prone to punctuate the spiritually intense quality of her taste for melody with heavy barrages of drums organized into hard-hitting grooves. Each of the two tracks manages to balance in her world of feral beauty, pummeling the dancefloor while also dragging into psychedelic stupor. SET> 14 July Italian New Wave II [ Torino ] 21 July NTS Radio show [ London ] 21 July Café OTO w/ Flora Yin-Wong [ London ] 02 Sep Opaque Poetics [ Cambridge ] 22 Sep Transart Festival [ Bolzano ] "KIND A" buy link: "AKASH GANGA" pre-order: Eaves Rmx PTP: NTS LDN 03.03.17: BOILER ROOM, Milan: Fact Magazine: BOOKING:

Petit Singe