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OR’L CLUB NUIT Le Lieu Unique, Nantes / TIMID Rec. / FAIR-PLAY L’Escalier, St Malo From an early age, OR’L has seized the dance floor and backstage of clubs in Europe and Africa. His particular sound is inspired by what is best in electro deep, funky and minimal music as well as sensations from the acid-house wave, the summer of love, the underground calling and the very beginning of rave parties. This unique artist makes the more devoted people feel like being taken to the furthest horizon and listen to something deeper. He started criss-crossing Brittany at the beginning of the 90's. He quickly became one of the main actors of the house parties in western France and on radio in Senegal. He likes gathering around himself Dj’s and video directors and lets art & culture run free. The catalyst of his career is most of all his will of sharing his own vision of the electronic journey. In 2000, he set up Party People association, taking part in promoting artists and starting a ten-year Dj residency at the famous L'Escalier club in Saint-Malo. The more OR’L performs, the more his network develops. He loves meeting people and discovering brand new European artists. At l’Escalier club, he acts at the same time as a DJ, an artistic director and a Dj-booking manager. Moved by the same spirit, he also created The Dirty Virgin Breakers duo with his old friend D’Jib. They have already released several maxi singles and remixes, among which the famous Antidote EP on Timid Records label. They have worked with and played in many places : L’île Enchantée club in Paris, in Rennes for the Lipstick parties and with Lieu Unique venue in Nantes. OR’L often goes abroad and spreads his message over the European scene: Ibiza, Barcelona, London, Berlin, Austria... He's also collaborated with other art