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• Booking requests ↳ - Sanse: - Juan Carlos: • Demos ↳ The underground music scene in Southeastern Spain has one of Nhitto's outstanding talents. Son of a DJ, he began playing at a very early age outside his hometown avoiding the musical influence of his habitat, devoting his body and soul to techno music. His vision of the genre of Detroit stands out especially because of its futurism, energy, timelessness and ability to make people dance. His sound as a DJ and producer is serious and powerful. He is a master when it comes to synergizing seminal sounds of early, industrial and dark techno, with the latest high tech octane thrills. His restless taste for experimentation is something inherent in his well-known musical images. In this sense, he has learned to not despise any sound while inspiring, something that has helped him to increase his musical spectrum to a place where there are no limits, only his ferocious good taste. As DJ and producer, Nhitto has a high capacity for self-criticism and excellent quality in mixing and equalization. Music and technique are equally important in the development of his one well-founded sets. Leaving Almería to settle in Murcia and Alicante was key to begin to support an expansive and well organized musical career. His fortunate at the legendary Metro Dance Club landing in 2011 as a resident DJ marks a turning point in his professional career. There he has been able to satisfy his demands getting used to its very high level, forging a solid sound that now identifies him as one of the most admired DJs of this club. Over more than twenty years of career, he has played in some of the most prestigious national and international clubs and festivals: Flex (Vienna) and Creamfields Central Europe, Hradhouse (Czech Republic); Electromar, Klubbers Day, Electrobeach and Electro Weekend, Dreambeach Villaricos, ElectroSplash, SOS Festival in Spain, etc ... His label Cubic Capacity Records, founded in 2004, focuses mainly on techno, publishing albums of national and international artists always with a techno of guaranteed quality. Nhitto's desire is to be able to continue working in a stable and continuous way on what he loves the most: music and, more specifically, techno.