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Hailing from the island of Crete Mr. Roussos was influenced by his father’s record collection from his early years. He started collecting vinyl from the age of 14 and immediately got hooked to the blooming sound of early House & Techno that was being introduced to Europe at that period. At the age of 15 he played his records for the first time in front of an audience in an illegal warehouse party making a strong impression and gained recognition to the local scene. From that point on Dj’ing and record collecting has been his passion and addiction until the present day. The next step was to promote the music that he embraced by organizing various mobile events during the 90′s resulting in earning the reputation as one of the key figures in the island’s dance music scene. It was a matter of time since he started to get noticed from clubs & promoters from other parts of Greece where he was invited to Dj for various events. From 2009 he was added as a resident Dj for the infamous Six D.O.G.S club in Athens. In 2012 he co – created the REVOLT! events & label company that managed to become one of Greece’s top underground music concepts. During all this time he has shared the decks with acclaimed artists such as: Daniel Bell, Nina Kraviz, Raresh,Thomas Melchior, Baby Ford, Martinez,Shonky,Praslea Valentino Kanzyani and more. Mr. Roussos musical style can’t be labelled under a specific genre, he blends old and new in his unique way resulting in an eclectic mix with the finest selection house and techno has to offer.

Mr Roussos