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Matteo, born in Bologna, grew up following in your father's footsteps, which, as a dj, influenced him wtih various sounds, ethnic and tribal, but the attraction for the electronic and underground sounds had the upper hand.When he took his first steps behind the decks and still very young, he began to play at Cassero, the historic club of Bologna where he won one of the first editions of the annual DJ competition. Soon he performed in other prestigious clubs of the peninsula like Amnesia (Milan) , Bizarro (Rome) , Club T(Mestre) and Il Muretto ( Jesolo). After gaining the right experience, he felt the need to create something of his own , realizing Frame , a party that year after year is collecting countless consensus in the city of Bologna. Simultaneously he played every week, every sunday, at Rebus, a club that trough the years became a kind of institution in Bologna. Every day he works hard in his studio, focusing on the research and development of new sounds, made exclusively by analog machines, keeping alive his dark and funky style. His discography includes an extended collection of tracks, frequently addressed to the exclusive use of international artists and played by them. After his first release on Memento Records, also his first album titled "The Classmate", on the same label.

Matteo Vanti