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Martin Huergo is one of the most famous and accomplished DJ/Producer of Argentina and South America. He has worked as a DJ for over 15 years and has been a producer since 2005. He completed countless worldwide tours through Europe, North Africa and he had many gigs all over Mexico and South America. He also played in many more countries, such as: Sweden, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, France, Mexico, United States, Chile, Uruguay, Colombia and Brazil. He is also by far one of the most demanded DJ’s in his home country, Argentina. During the last years, he was collaborating with Junior Lopez (aka Flug) and Andres Oddone on different productions, while working on his own compositions. In 2009, he joined Dilek Records and released an amazing vinyl EP including a remix of Pier Bucci. He also released his productions and collaborations with different artists on Hermine Records, Darek Recordings, Acktivism and 4Line among others labels. Martin is a complete artist, and knows exactly how to make the crowd scream and dance all night long, with his great technique and knowledge. He will certainly make you live unbelievable moments to remember. Stay tuned and don’t forget to check out his next productions, on digital and vinyl format. For Bookings and Press in Europe and NA, please contact: Raffaella Becchina / Dilek Bookings For Bookings and Press in Brazil, please contact:

Martin Huergo