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Lukas's Upcoming Gigs Sat 19 Nov, 16 Lukas & Fernanda Martins @ CODE at FABRIK, Madrid, Spain Powered by GigaTools Lukas (Lucas Freire) was born in December 1979 in João Pessoa in the state of Paraiba but has been living in Campinas in the state of São Paulo since 1986. He had his first contact with eletronic music in 1997 … His professional career as a DJ started in 2000. It didn’t take him very long to show his talent with the decks and his peculiar concern with technique and perfection. Showing good skills and a lot of hard work Lukas soon started to be a much respected DJ in the Brazilian and International techno scene. is name is synonymous of art. His solid work, with innate talents for creativity and creation, represent a clear example of what is a true struggle of self improvement to reach the dreaming goal. During this decade Lukas has worked with and for the music, exploring all possible facets of techno and making numerous efforts to support the style. like the creation of two clubs who made history in the Brazilian scene or the organization of numerous international events. Highlighting this dj residencies in top clubs like Lov.e and Kraft, his work as A&R in many labels, and his recognized work as a music producer and dj. In a short period of time, and due to his huge artistic potential, Lukas appeared strongly in the techno scene. He was nominated in the category 'Dj Revelation' by the largest portal of electronic music in his country and in the category "Best DJ ¨ in the column "Noite ilustrada" from the newspaper "Folha de Sao Paulo", one of the brazilian most important. His first European tour took place in 2004 with a remarkable acceptance. Throughout these years he has played in the best clubs (such as Tresor, Fabrik, Florida 135, La Real, Nitsa Club, D-Edge, U6011...) and in the most important festivals in Europe: Awakenings, Nature One, Monegros, Dance Valley, Aquasella, Electrosonic, Apokalypsa, TechnoFlash, Q-Base, The Qontinent, City Parade and many more. He has performed and recorded with the best artists, having published his music in more than 20 labels. His tracks appear on various compilations and, nowadays, they are always present in he best techno dj's sets. As A&R is worth to mention the work he carried out in "Hardwork Records" and "AudioCode." Lukas has managed to improve by working methodically, with a continued research of dedication by redesigning and rediscovering the style, which always represents effort, and supporting himself as a hardtechno-techno reference during the last 11 years.

Lucas Freire