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Javi Lago has been on the techno scene in Barcelona for nearly 2 decades and has been a consistent and unrelenting producer of clear-cut elegantly balanced techno never wavering from his personal opinion of how techno should be made and treated. His underground bunker like studio, slap bang in the centre of Barcelona, has been his head quarter for several years now and has played a vital part in providing him with the space, time and creative energy necessary to fuel and hone his ideas. In 2008 founded the record label Sintetics with releases of DJs and producers such as Ludovic Vendi, Traumhaft, Polygon, Holgi Star, Usmev, Artur Nikolaev, Eric Fetcher, Audiolux, Djinxx and Devilfish. To date, the label has had 22 releases and is supported by Laurent Garnier, Timo Maas, Angel Molina, Paco Osuna and Tim Baker among others. What defines Javi most of all is his passion and sincerity when it comes to both his sets and the tracks he produces. He tells a story in his techno which gives out vibes both mentally soothing as well as physically uplifting. His philosophy about what defines techno can be clearly heard when he plays, as he includes tracks of Swedish influence from DJs such as Adam Beyer and Pär Grindvik. He has released in many labels such as Subconce, Pong Musiq, Dpress Industries, Symbolik, Time Trial, Kayf Label and Different is Different Records which EP “Atmos” has been supported and played by Sasha Carassi, Thomas Schumacher, Pascal F.E.O.S or Thomas P. Heckman. His track “Dangerous” has been nominated for the best track of the year at the Vicious Music Awards 2015. Over the years he has played in several clubs like La Sala del Cel, Be Cool, La Cova, Moog, Razzmatazz, Row 14, Club de Visionaire, U60311, Airport, and has shared the decks with a vast array of artists including Jeff Mills, Oscar Mulero, Gayle San, Gary Beck, Samuel L Session, Alan Fitzpatrick or Joel Mull.

Javi Lago