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Born in 1988, Ivan Pugliares belongs to that generation of artists who since an early age realized what would become one of his greatest passions, music. At the age of 6 instead of playing with toy cars and toy soldiers, he started to play an unusual instrument the "friscaletto" which is an typical Sicilian instrument. From there he switched to another tool that fascinated him led him to study it, beeing supported with several masters of the area, the Sax. But it was at the age of 14 where he began listening to a DJ set of the famous Italian DJ Claudio Coccoluto, which is he was impressed by the sound and therefore led him to approach and engage in DJing. From there slowly his new passion has urged him in reuniting with friends from various campaigns and groups of his country. Gradually it became more secure by taking more and more possession and personality behind what would have been his best friend travel, the console. Then the collaboration with a local organization, it began to emerge from the context of parties and meetings between friends some being native to their country. Here he learned that his sound and his way of making console by getting peoples 'congratulations' with handshakes in approval. It is with his determination and stubbornness that after a few years, thanks to the contact and knowledge of the Sicilian known DJ Luca Marano, unable to fit in the console of the various party targati AFC, Aperidisko and Muzik Village, becoming one with turntables and Traktor, going and experiencing more and more sounds, managing to create a mood at every party always more engaging. Deep, Soulful, Tech House lord and his background, turning from time to time his sets more and more overwhelming as to tell a new story and convey a mood always different. His talent and his musical growth are confirmed by the constant presence of friends and fans of the genre, the various parties in which he performs. His name is thus able to browse through the various clubbers in the area, but it is the collaboration with PERI PERI Group that allowed him to achieve at new realities outside the province, passing well to the console of various rooms of Marzamemi, Portopalo, Catania, Syracuse, etc. . reaching more consensus and results, one among all consoles to be in mid-August on the popular beach Carratois, managing to overwhelm with his sound an audience of 6,000 souls. His determination and his desire to do and new lunar landing, the door rapprochement note organization Catania With Love, where in a short time it can become resident DJ, having the fortune and the honor of sharing the console known to locals as Zo, Mercati Generali, Afrobar, but with large well-known names in the global club culture, as Luciano, Monika Kruse, Josh Wink, Joice Muniz, Ben UFO, Luciano, as well as Yaya, Italoboyz, Filippo Nardi. Therefore it can be said that him being eclectic. For Pugliares keeping up is a great ambition . Instead of seeing music as entertainment he sees the opposite, music as culture. (G.L.)

Ivan Pugliares