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Bookings: Europe, Asia, Oceania: S. & N. America: BIO: When the recent story of barcelona’s electronic music life is mentioned, HERR holds a determining and active place in the evolution of the scene over the last 10 years. Always operating behind the decks, reaching an optimal balance between his increasingly ability with the records, Hernán consolidated its full integration into Barcelona’s electronic community leading and managing raising parties from illegal warehouses to beach raves. Born in Buenos Aires (Argentina) and living in Barcelona (Spain) since 2001, Hernán Herrera landed in Europe with the intention to pursue his first steps in music production, showing a total readiness to devote all his energy to the world of electronic music. And after leading some of the most popular event schedules on the best Catalan’s capital beaches he has found a strategic location that ended up being a completely decisive move in his career. HERR has gained international respect and consistent reputation touring influential clubs like Fabric​, ​Watergate​, ​Warung​, ​Corvin,​ ​Katerblau,​ ​Pacha,​ ​Egg,​ ​Sankeys,​ ​Harry Klein​ or Überhaus​ among a large number of the industry’s key players and some of the most important cities on the map. Being one of the founders and spearheads of ​FACT,​ sharing stages with some of the most prominent dj’s on the world electronic music scene. The large flow of musical references or big names he played with, shocked deeply the Argentinean in terms of inspiration for new nuances and stylistic horizons. His particular taste as exquisite music selector and stylistic versatility as a dj, placed Hernán as one of the local rising stars, able to drive any dance floor and club’s environment at will, with impressive technique and a wide vision of underground house and techno. Thus, recently the Argentine did a powerful impulse to his DJ career with his recent B​ oiler Room​ and without neglecting his producer role, so Herr released his own stuff on labels like Serialism​, ​Heisenberg​ or ​Yakazi​ in 2016, and going to release on I​ nfuse​, ​Crocus​ or ​No.19​ in 2017. Herr is confirmed as a quality assurance every time he gets behind the decks, and mostly in his Pacha Barcelona residency, to shape the club’s environment, the crowd intensity and the best according vibes at every moment, showing great versatility and taking use of the extensive experience he has been gaining through his background during over more than a decade.