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Domenic D’Agnelli Tech – House, Minimal House Born: June 4, 1974. Italian born Domenico D’Agnelli is a basic part of Munich’s House, Techhouse, and Minimal Scene. His path is cobbled with legendary names of Clubs and After-Hours from the very beginnings of electronic music and the evolving Munich club scene. When in 1992 the ultimate BaBaLu Club (where in later years more people claimed to be admitted than actually fitted in) closed its gates, he organized private festivities without further ado. Together with Anki Lepper aka Acid Maria he played in the important Munich scene clubs “Ultraworld”, “Panzerhalle”, and “Backstage” as well as in the Nuremberg based “Belly Cloud”. At the same time and together with Olaf Kramolowsky, he played the support program for the Sven Väth residencies - from which Väth’s reputation of the first electronic generation scene still lives on. “Straight Up Techno” was the program when the party crowd headed self-contained and regularly to clubs like the “Pulverturm” and the first “Ultraschall” where Domenico D’Agnelli was engaged as resident. By way of Thomas Koch (Groove Magazine), the Munich “Trio Infernale” of Domenico D’Agnelli, Olaf Kramolowsky, and Felix Houser entered the then setting the tone city of Frankfurt. “Dorian Gray”, “XS-Club”, and of course “The Box” were the first away game sites of Domenico D’Agnelli in the capital of the move. Due to regular acts in DJ Hell’s Disko “B Team” (where he gave life to “303 Cups”) the first studio session together with Stefan Brüggesch was born: Steve Bug vs. Domenico D’Agnelli on Stereo Scope Records. Ensuing mixes followed on Exun Records, Electric Sparkless and now the new one on Pascal Feos Label Level Non Zero. The EP will come out end of January s. The opening of Munich’s “Flokati” may be termed the sidereal hour and the beginning of his second career chapter. Tobi Neumann still claims that a set of Domenico was his enlightenment and the initial spark for his aspirations of becoming a DJ. Domenico’s actual residencies in “Monza” (Frankfurt), “Flokati” (Munich), “Zoom” (Nuremberg), “Red Room” (Göppingen), “Colibri” (Stuttgart), Hive Zürich and in many more clubs prove his acceptance and the respect he achieved from various organizers. Domenico D’Agnelli accompanies the PARTYSANEN since the first LOOP raves in 1991 – ever since then, no “Rave & Cruise”, no “Thai Break”, and of course no “Rave on Snow” took place without the “Italian Stallion”. He is responsible for the artistic composition of numerous events as well as contact person for many clubs - thereby enlarging his network and his legislation in the German dance scenery. Today, “minimal 2 techhouse” is his written on his banner and those who listened to his definition of the sound keep coming back again. After a rest period and on November 9, 2005, Domenico D’Agnelli will be back together with Micky Monza and Joseph Disco on “Greatstuff Records”. The anxiously awaited project is labeled DMS. Since April 2005, Domenico D’Agnelli (together with Achim Penker) organizes “The Convention” festival series. Here, too, he proves his mastery. These events are milestones of the annual Munich night scene. Besides his mentioned residency in the “Flokati”, he runs the “Rekord Club” in “The Garden” which also stands for a monthly acme in Munich’s nightlife.

Domenic D'Agnelli