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Right place, right time. It's an old cliché, but it's one that's been the definition of Dennis Ferrer's musical career. Just as the dance music world was heading into the world of afro-centric house, Ferrer was there. And then, when it began to embrace the mix of tech and soul, Ferrer was there again, leading the way with his impeccable productions. As Ferrer goes, it seems, so does electronic music. And, as someone who's never content to do the same thing twice, it's clear that he'll be staying on top for years to come. Ferrer burst back into the consciousness of most dance music heads with the release of "Sandcastles," (Ibadan) his collaboration with Jerome Sydenham in 2003. But, to his credit, Ferrer didn't simply repeat the formula afterwards. He has continued to push a variety of genres all at once. It's clear that Ferrer isn't content to rest on his laurels: he's too busy dreaming up new ways to shock and delight audiences. In the mid-90’s, Ferrer was crafting techno records as Morph and then had success in the Afro and gospel house scenes with releases via his Sfere label, an imprint he began alongside Kerri Chandler. But it's this past work that gives his new productions such resonance: unlike many of this house peers, Ferrer's techno experience has given him an edge that you can hear in his recent work. "Son of Raw," (Ibadan) "Church Lady," (Defected) "Underground Is My Home," (King Street Sounds), "Touched the Sky" (King Street Sounds), “Transitions” (King Street Sounds), “P 2 Da J” (Defected), “Sinfonia Della Notte” (Strictly Rhythm), “Hey Hey” (Objektivity), “Red Room” (Objektivity), “Underground” Nick Curly – Dennis Ferrer Remix (Defected), to name a few, have all been huge dance floor anthems and all show a different side of the Ferrer personality as well as his impressive range as producer and remixer. Ferrer has brought his ‘anything goes’ approach to his label, Objektivity. Celebrating its 8th anniversary in 2014, the imprint has thus far focused itself on vocals, featuring often unlikely turns from indie heroes like Ane Brun and Télépopmusik. Low slung and deep, Objektivity is a cutting-edge label in touch with its time, putting a uniquely American spin on the deep house revival that is currently making waves in Europe. Objektivity is a living, breathing thing - one that's set to drop bombs on the dance floor for years to come. While Ferrer closes out 2013 with “Mind Ur Step” (Defected), “Mind Ur Dub” (Objektivity) and a remix of Coyu - “Salvation” (Noir Music), the best is yet to come. With a deep knowledge of the past and a constant push for the future, Ferrer remains one of the true greats of house music - a leader and innovator whose enjoying the buzz around him but keeping on pushing the limits. Stay tuned.

Dennis Ferrer