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An ancient Omani palace preserved on the island, as part of the Omani control of the region between 1698 - 1890, the Sultan moved his capital to Zanzibar between 1832-1840. A new and refreshing festival in Zanzibar that puts the music, art and culture of Africa on the map that takes place each time in a historical site or in a special landscape around Zanzibar The festival itself has 5 different DJs and the use of African instruments as part of the musical set, various art representatives of local artists who present their art and special performances as part of the show, as well as a food complex, make-up, clothing and jewelry stalls, etc. It is important to note that the artists who sell the equipment are local or residents and are not required to pay money on their income as part of pamoja's concept of promoting Zanzibar

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Shambaland Park, Pwani Mchangani, Zanzíbar, Tanzània

Pamoja Festivals

Shambaland Park, Pwani Mchangani