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The Mare Memoria Viva Ecomuseum, known to most as the "ecomuseum of the sea", is a community and cultural space, created together with the inhabitants of the maritime districts, which hosts a choral, audiovisual and multimedia narration of stories, memories, photographs and videos: there are stories of life, resistance, travel, holidays, work, mafia and abuse; there are memories, faded photos, forgotten places, works by artists, images of the present, fairy tales, maps and visions of the future. And there is above all Palermo, seen and told by its inhabitants, because the relationship with the sea, denied and rediscovered, tells a lot about the city that was, that is and that could be. By investigating through research and artistic practices the link between places and people, the museum works on the sense of community and supports active citizenship actions and culturally-based local development. The ecomuseum proposes cultural and non-formal education activities, urban explorations, workshops, exhibitions, conferences and public meetings on topics of collective interest: citizenship, art, education, sea science, migration, environment, placemaking. We like to call it 'human regeneration'.

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Via Messina Marine, 14, 90123 Palermo PA, Italy, Palermo, Itàlia

Ecomuseo Mare Memoria Viva

Via Messina Marine, 14, 90123 Palermo PA, Italy