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Vibe is the first "Urban" Italian club, located in the new fashion and design district and central "City Life Porta Nuova" Milan, a few steps from Corso Como, is a very glamorous and attractive. A space on two levels completely renovated, thanks to a careful restyling, with surprising decor: high ceilings, stained glass windows of the city and a voluptuous staircase entrance. Vibe is a universe in constant ferment, a place of style where everyone can experience the quality and sophistication, where elaborate a philosophy that it is above all an experience not to be missed. Vibe is designed to be a declinable location and ideal for all types of events: private parties, corporate events or elite but also to be the new benchmark for an international audience and trendy. La direzione si riserva il diritto di ingresso in base alla capienza del locale - per gruppi numerosi e di soli uomini è consigliata la prenotazione di un tavolo. -------------- The club reserves the right of admission - for large groups and only men, a table booking is recommended.

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Via Monte Grappa,14, Milà, Itàlia

Vibe Room

Via Monte Grappa,14