Yoni Banks Portada
Born in 1982 in Portugal, Yoni was introduced to music at a very early age, thanks to his parents who worked in the nightlife industry. At the age of 14, his taste in music was very varied, going from hip hop to reggae, heavy metal, rock, trip hop and electronic music. In 2000, Yoni and a group of friends decided to start organising hardcore events which naturally introduced him to DJ'ing. These... events gave Yoni the opportunity to meet the best DJs such as Mark N, Stikhead, Hardcoholics and Noize Suppressor, to name just a few. After a few years in the hardcore scene, his musical and personal maturity led him to appreciate other styles of music such as drum & bass and his revelation, techno. Yoni always creates an amazing atmosphere wherever he plays, thanks to the funky, tribal or (often) aggressive sounds he plays, by always adding a few furious breakbeats which really gets the clubbers going and brings the dance floor to life! His main influences are Jeff Mills, Adams Bayer, Marco Bailey, Marco Carola and Gayle San, whilst still being very attached to the very special sounds of old Detroit techno. Following a break due to professional reasons, he has recently started organising minimal techno parties which has given him the opportunity to share the stage with artists such as Spartaque, Angy Kore, Citizen Kain and Gayle San. GOOD MUSIC FOR DERANGED MIND - Welcome to my world Contact, info, Booking: yoni@hotmail.ch 004178 671 01 16