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Milk Drinkers are in its core, an anomaly. Since the beginning and till their end, their route shall take no regard to the labyrinth of socially acceptable. Complicated elaborations may be essential to the EDM trends but they stay pure, they honour their own code. An electronic music band by definition, but punk in their purpose, founded by Sam Cortéz. They started the project in late 2010. In January 2012, they released their debut 6 track EP "Leather Nation" and received support from The Bloody Beetroots with whom they share the same vision and affiliation to the Church of Noise. Their last release "Revelation EP" which came out in 2014 ended their search for who they are. Now they share stages with the world's biggest acts. The point is not to bring order and clearance but to enlighten the world with their rebellious art of constructive destruction that doesn't know any conformity.