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Alex Gonzalez, born in Barcelona on 1997. With only twelve years and his first computer, he started to experiment with music through some virtual controllers. It was at the age of 14 and playing with the controllers from Native Instruments at “FNAC Weekend”, when the actual LAYER started to take form. It was in those days, despite his young age, when he was invited to participate a the “FNAC DJ's weekend” contest, where he met well known Dj's that were competing in the contest, including Spain's champion. He left this place with his first Native Instruments controller and the commitement to participate at the presentations of Native's new material. Layer focused on his goal, to perform his own music creating that way, his own style. His music is influenced by the his two major references Uner and Maceo Plex. He seeks his own style between the Deep House and the Techno, bringing it renewed, from the past to the twenty-first century. This new adventure begins to take shape with various productions, his first release and the Six recordings' label. Faithful to his music style, he looks for people who enjoy music his music surrounding him while he's at the stage working with his hardwares.