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Booking: Kaspar&Hauser were found at a Valencian dive, trying to dj with the most cheesy equipment, and dressed with smelly rags (curiously very well combined). They were wild DJs, they grew in the jungle of the underground clubs, and they didn’t receive any sort of education. When they went out to the daylight, the Dr _____ welcomed them in his mansion. He taught them how to behave and the good manners of the nightlife. Once they knew how to do it in front of the audience, they ran away from the Dr _____’ mansion, and bought themselves the proper clothes to enjoy the bad habits and pleasures they learnt. If you meet them in the street, don’t hesitate, follow them. Nowadays they are touring with Rock Nights Agency and producing some sexy sounds. They have been performing also in fashion events for brands like Loewe, Hoss Intropia or Ermenegildo Zegna.

Kaspar & Hauser