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As a key character in the burgeoning techno movement in Paris, Francois X has steadily established himself as a DJ, producer and label owner unwilling to compromise on matters of quality. Following ten years of relentless DJing, 2009 marked the start of Francois X’s production career afted he was coaxed by label boss DJ Deep to release his first three records on Deeply Rooted House. These releases not only gave his production the strongest public introduction possible, but also allowed for one of his works to be revisited by Marcel Dettmann. Francois X is also co-founder of Dement3d, a record label and production company once responsible for some of the most celebrated undeground techno parties in Paris, hosting the unique apperances of Sandwell District, Surgeon, Schackleton and Planetary Assault Systems in the French capital. Since 2011, Dement3d is entirely focused on releasing records and introducing budding talents to the electronic scene. Recently, a more experimental dimension to his work surfaced and lead to the creation of Hiss : 1292, a collaborative project with Swiss producer Opuswerk. Their debut record, the ‘Aetherius Society EP’, came out on Dement3d in 2013. His consistenly exceptional DJ sets secured Francois X a residence at Concrete, the world-famous parisian party, as well as regular slots at some of Europe’s leading clubs, including Berghain..

François X