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Tendencies are temporary, only the present permits Denizer to connect with his actual self. In 2007 he left his natal Peru, took the challenge and moved to Europe in order to evolve as an artist, experiment the exigeant audience and get closer to the european music culture. An open mind has always been the key to his music selection, helping him to create a proper unpredictalbe atmosphere with a specific groove. His DJ sets are represented by an eclectic but strict selection of sounds ranging between house, techno and electro maintaing a harmony among the three. Nowadays he is a resident at 4beats Peru in South America that brings him closer to the scene in his hometown and helps him to preserve the connection with his roots. In Barcelona he collaborates and resides at Reckon parties. Denizer´s latest project is a record label Minor Planet Music coming up with the first release in December 2016.

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