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Xceed Premiere 021: Komka – Machine

Breaks, wrinkled and dark synths, elegant drops, and vocals in the second track of Brazilian Komka's debut album

I had an important change in my life in 2019. I left a brand that I founded with a partner, where I worked for 12 years. I had a club, made more than 500 parties, and that was so special for me. When I decided to leave it, I just reconnected to myself and started to produce daily. It was amazing for me and I made many tracks. Around 40 in one year. Last year I also started my own label, I/U Music, a platform to release my music and the music from partners. So, then I concluded that it was the time to release my first LP.

And, without further ado, the Brazilian Komka set to work on the 10 tracks that would initially make up his debut album. João has been making music since he was a teenager. He tells us that he discovered electronic music around 1999, when he started exploring some virtual software to produce and play. It didn’t take him long to make himself known in some clubs in his hometown Brasilia.

Image: © Jukebox PR

When I was finishing the album, the pandemic started, and it was super inspiring for me because I started to notice the fragility of the system that we live in. It was then when I wrote 2 more songs questioning that. One of them, “Untenable System”, entitles the album.

Komka produces in his bedroom, where he has a computer, some old-school synthesizers, like Rolands and Moogs, a good soundcard, a good pair of monitors and so much software. He emphasizes that “inspiration is much more important than resources”. He adds: “I’ve met amazing producers making music only with a headphone. So, if someone that is starting to produce music is reading this, my advice is to not wait to have your dream equipment. Just start with what you have. Your ideas are much more important than machines.”

So, Untenable System is a 12-track album, where we listen to all the great Komka initiatory influences, including rock and electroclash. The album will be released next Friday 7th August on their own label I/U Music, created, as we mentioned, last year. Komka does not aspire to big deals and signings: “I/U Music is freedom for me. I make music for me and for the people. I don’t expect big DJs to play my songs. If I can touch few people, no matter how little, it’ll more than enough.”

Seven days before the official release of Untenable System, we listen to the premiere of “Machine”, the second track on the album. 5 minutes and 55 seconds of aggressive, wrinkled, and dark synthesizers, breaks, hypnotizing percussions, elegant and low-key drops… In short, a piece of haute couture, with a personality born in a small club, rather than in a big festival. An ideal piece for diggers who love dancefloor rarities.

It’s a mix of electro, techno, rock n’ roll, vocals and what I like the most in electronic music. The album has a lot of tracks that work in many different moments. It’s an album to listen for all. You can drive with it, or talk, or even dance. It’s up to you, indeed. 😊


  1. Broken Society
  2. Machine
  3. Russian Roulette
  4. Untenable System
  5. So Blinding (ft. Fadul)
  6. Abstract Effects
  7. Daydream (ft. Perrelli)
  8. So Many Lies (ft. Nina Mess)
  9. Circuits
  10. Pure Pleasure (ft. Nina Mess)
  11. Inner Voice
  12. Choices


(Cover Image: © I/U Music)

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