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Xceed-Premiere-Random Sequence-Assonance

Xceed Premiere 013: Random Sequence – Assonance

The Polish techno producer debuts on Devotion Records with an EP of three original tracks and a remix by Concept Of Thrill

Random Sequence is a techno music producer and DJ original from Gdańsk, Poland. His appearances in the DJ booth always bet on techno cuts somewhere between industrial and acid, always with a slight wink towards ambient music. His influences come from various musical genres, although it is in the more introspective and violent fields of electronic club music where Mikolaj Topolski -that is his real name- finds inspiration. The Prodigy was his great reference. Oscar Mulero, Cleric, Shlømo and SNTS, who have inspired him to grow in the scene.

Random Sequence’s music can be found on labels such as Unknown Timeline, Vapourtrail or Gain Records and is frequently used by big names like Richie Hawtin, Matrixxman or Slam. With that resume behind him, the Pole lands on Devotion Records, the label owned by Brazilians Lucas Freire and Fernanda Martins, to sign his DVTR076 reference.

The work on this Assonance EP started around June of 2019. At the time, I was beginning to receive bookings more frequently and I visited a lot of great clubs. When I sat to create new tracks, I wanted to capture some of that early night warm-up tones, as well as the energy of prime-time music.


Xceed-Artist-Random Sequence
Image: © DJ 360º PRO


The Assonance EP features three original tracks, which are “Afterlife”, “Assonance” and “Tone 2”, and a remix of “Assonance” by the also Polish Concept Of Thrill. The EP will be released next Monday, May 25th. Today, we listen in premiere to the original mix of “Assonance”.

As with the rest of the release, Random Sequence used only software to produce “Assonance”. On the track, we can hear mainly digital synths such as Diva and a lot of washed-out sample hits.



I think the resulting EP is a truly diverse package for every hour of the event that is going to be played on. I would love to hear it being played during the most intense prime-time moments, but I would also be incredibly happy to notice it being played during subtle warmup situations as well.

The snippets of the full EP can now be enjoyed on Soundcloud and the pre-order of the EP is also now available on Beatport and Bandcamp.



1. Random Sequence – Afterlife (Original Mix)
2. Random Sequence – Assonance (Original Mix)
3. Random Sequence – Tone 2 (Original Mix)
4. Random Sequence – Assonance (Concept Of Thrill Remix)



(Cover Image: © DJ 360º PRO)


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