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Xceed Premiere 011: Innessa Kuz – Wait But Why

The British producer and singer Innessa Kuz makes her solo debut with a single that reminds us of deep and melodic electronic references such as Jan Blomqvist or HVOB 0

Innessa Kuz is a singer, composer and, of course, producer. Do not hide if her name is not familiar to you. Innessa is now appearing as a solo artist in the scene. Based in London, this British musician has previously collaborated with Denny Kay (aka In’R’Voice) and Alex Forster (well-known for his previous collabs with Jamie Catto, founder of Faithless), while her musical tastes matured and became rooted in her innate predilection for harmonic, melodic and instrumental territories. Innessa Kuz does not hesitate to recognize its references: HVOB, Monolink, Sohn… and, above all, Jan Blomqvist. Under these influences, she has given birth to the Wait But Why EP, composed by her original track and the progressive house remix by Denny Kay himself.

I started working on the track last year. The song was hugely inspired by Jan Blomqvist’s track “Maybe Not”. Before I heard that track, I was making slow songs, but it was “Maybe Not” that inspired me to explore upbeat music. It completely captivated me. The message in “Wait But Why” was inspired by my favourite blog website with the same name and its article “Life in weeks”. It made me think that life is not infinite and that every day goes by, while we lose yet another day of our lives. At the same time, a few of my friends including myself were stuck because we could not make the life decisions we wanted. In the end, we all made them, and no one regretted. But we could have done it sooner. So, the song is about this. The message also refers to climate change and our inability to act on time. Plus, it has a bit of a romantic reference that if someone is making you unhappy, there is no point waiting.


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Innessa Kuz uses both Logic Pro, for composing, and Ableton, for producing the beats and the bass. She is a huge fan of “thick and distorted” basslines. At the moment, Innessa Kuz does not have a Moog, which prevented her from designing an analogue bassline for “Wait But Why”.

Alex Forster was the one who brought that bassline, as well as giving a final touch to the mix. In Kuz’s words, Forster “didn’t really change the arrangement or the mood, but he did enhance the production and added some sounds”.



I wanted to make a track that would make people think. I think if music puts you in a zone, it is good music. I don’t know if I achieved it, as I can’t really listen to my track without analysing or breaking it down. But I think the general emotion is there: a moody sound with rebellious feel, which was achieved with Moog bass, distorted guitars and TB303 at the end. I am hoping to play it live one day with visuals and hopefully, the message in this song will inspire people to stop procrastinating and take more actions to stop missing out on life.


1. Wait But Why
2. Wait But Why (Denny Kay Progressive House Remix)



(Cover Image: © Innessa Kuz)


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