Tiësto DJ career inspired by Sven Väth

Tijs Michiel Vewest, the Dutch-born DJ today also known as Tiësto, is one of the most popular DJs in the electronic scene and surely one of te biggest names in the game. His aim from the start was to ‘share his music with others‘ and in his 20 years of career, he certainly did it! For the first time in the music history, Tiësto was the first DJ able to host a concert in a stadium with an audience of 25,000 people, creating then the ‘Tiësto in Concert Tour‘ around the world.

During an interview with Billboard Magazine, he revealed that it was the German DJ and producer Sven Väth who inspired him into a life of music, stating,

‘I heard a DJ from Germany play, Sven Väth, and I listened to him for six hours and there was not one single record I recognized. [..] And I was working in a record store! I was like ‘This guy is playing for 6 hours and I do not know one track he played, and everything he plays is amazing.”

According to the artist, Sven Väth inspired him to enter into the music industry, trance music actually. Who knows if Tiësto would be the world famous DJ he is nowadays, playing in the most legendary clubs and performing all around the world, if it was not for this meeting with the legendary Sven Väth. During the same interview, he also revealed his favorite platforms for music discovery stating ‘I go to 1001tracklists.com to see what’s trending on there. SoundCloud is always great to discover new music. Even on the Spotify viral charts I discover new bands or songs.’

Tiësto is soon going to perform at Opium in the beautiful city of Barcelona: every Wednesdays, Opium hosts the best national and international DJs. Do not miss the chance to enjoy Tiësto on Wednesday July 12th .





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