Xceed-Premiere-Electric Rescue-A25

Xceed Premiere 005: Electric Rescue – A25

French artist Antoine Husson strikes twice in May with two albums: one as Re.Kod and another as Electric Rescue, in which we find “A25” 0

Antoine Husson’s productions are very common weapons during sets of giants like Laurent Garnier, Marcel Dettmann, Slam, Sven Vath, Luke Slater, Ben Klock or Len Faki. Taking this into account, it doesn’t seem daring to say that Husson is one of the most reliable techno music producers on the European scene.

So much so, that his ability in the studio has made him capable of scoring a double release on May 29th. Under his alias Re.Kod, he will release Sketch From A New Era, an album made up of 13 experimental and electronica tracks that will be released in digital format on the Dutch label WIC Recordings. As Electric Rescue, also on May 29th, and this time on his own label Skryptom, and both in vinyl and digital format, he will release Esquisse Du Nouveau Monde, curiously also formed by 13 tracks, in this case focused on techno and electro music.


Xceed-Premiere-Electric Rescue
Image: © Skyptrom


I started to work on this in 2018. I took all the music ways I wanted to explore in that period like a picture of that complete moment. I developed many tracks on many subjects from my life, like family, actions, ecology and many other stories.

Of the 13 tracks that make up Esquisse Du Nouveau Monde, we were particularly struck by the third one. It is “A25”, an 8-minute track that, with an impressive cleanliness, evolves and takes us from lonely and dark places to insane and more industrial environments.

I mix every kind of technology: analog, digital and modular. I think there are many interesting things to explore in all the different technologies, and I really can’t stay only on one. I used warldorf, roland, nord lead, elektron, modular systems and some plugs. I mix everything in internal, but with a summation complete system to have an analog mix result.



I think we are entering in a new era, in a new world. We are entering in a period of ecology and rarification of everything. In the past, we burned our planet with too much consumism, and now it’s time to realize those things and apply new alternatives. Esquisse Du Nouveau Monde means “Sketches from that new world”. With this album, I refer to these attitudes, which are necessary to adapt to star tour new life in that new world from the 21st century and later…


1. Electric Rescue – Construction Time
2. Electric Rescue – American Hours
3. Electric Rescue – A25
4. Electric Rescue – Green And Blue
5. Electric Rescue – Bio Mutations
6. Electric Rescue – Fahrenheit 451
7. Electric Rescue – Je Me Souviendrai
8. Electric Rescue – Blanche
9. Electric Rescue – In Front Of Angkor
10. Electric Rescue – Resist
11. Electric Rescue – Functional
12. Electric Rescue – Beaucoup Fast
13. Electric Rescue – Plain Of Flint



(Cover Image: © Skryptom)


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