March will be good to you. The city of Valencia is gonna vibrate another time with Las Fallas 2017. The city is turning into a great festival, one that have been designated as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity since 2016. The program will be heavy with celebrations from Wednesday 1st of March until the 19th of March. With a multitude of events, Valencia will not sleep in March and you neither. The magnificent festival will surely blow your mind with hundreds of giant dolls rising up to 20 meters, ephemeral statues that will be devoured by the flames at the end of it. You will also attend to parades, competitions and performances… More than that this month Valencia is hosting some pretty huge events, and my friends that announces the end of your hibernation! New month, new you. Let the Spring and the party begin!

10. Erasmus Fraternity: Fallas Edition @Indiana

Are you ready to dance tirelessly, turn wild for the most famous Erasmus Party of 2017? Tuesday 14th you’ll assist to one party of a kind at Indiana full of crazy people, good vibes and music. Here the rules are very simple no limits, no restrictions. Just come as you are and join the Fraternity!

When? March 14th

Where? Indiana

Full Line-up? Resident Djs

9. Nuke & Cesar Almena pres. by Industrial @Fryda

Cesar Almena & Nuketwo resident DJs at Code Parties @Fabrik Club in Madrid are gonna perform in Valencia the 16th of March. They are also the owners of Code Rec and Reset Music Rec. The two independent DJS are often playing together and the magic always operates. Check out the closing set for CODE110 of the two, it’s brutal! Must attend.

When? 16th March

Where? Fryda

Full Line-up? Nuke, Cesar Almena, Papu, Neo Díaz, Edu Gómez, Monde, Pablo Lliso, Ivan Ros, Sanchis

8. The Fallas Festival pres. by Hotel82 & Wateke @Mansion

On the 11th of March Hotel82 & Wateke are organizing a huge party in the occasion of the Fallas Festival happening in the city of Valencia. If you are looking for a place to get wild and listen to good techno music, your wish has become reality! Head to Mansion that night, good vibes and music guaranteed.

When? 11th March

Where? Mansion

Full Line-up? Matthias Tansmann & Marcos In Dub

7. Fireball Valencia Fallas Festival @Umbracle

Get ready to spend the craziest night in Valencia. Yeeeeah my friends, the Fireball Festival is back! Organized by the Umbraclethe festival of house and techno music will begin at 00:00h and end at 08:00 in the morning. Warm up your dancing shoes party lovers !

When? March 11th

Where? Umbracle

Full Line-up? TBA

6. The Zombie Kids + WOW @La3

WOW is the place where you can be who you want to be. On the 18th of March WOW invites the Zombie Kids at La3. You might wonder who they are? The duo was born in 2009 and is composed of Candel Kerri and Cumhur Jay. Each of their performances is one of a kind and will make you dance non-stop to insane tech-house music. WOW energy at its very best, don’t miss it!

When? March 18th

Where? La3

Full Line-up? The Zombie Kids, Gregori, Dario Mendez, David Pinup, Golden Flamingo

5. Markantonio, Reboot, Gregor Tresher & Rob Hes live pres. by Fire 1.0 @Barraca

Barraca presents its Festival of Fallas, FIRE. In this occasion Fire’s inviting a bunch of insane DJs such as Gregor Tresher, owner and founder of the label Break New Soil Recordings and artist involved in the HYTE of Loco Dice or Chris Liebing. Joseph Capriati or the Italian Dj Markantonio will be performing as well. Last but not least one of finest Dutch Dj will play, Rob Hes. Barraca will be on fire, don’t miss out!

When? 4th March

Where? Barraca

Full Line-up? Rafa Siles, Aaron Gehrig, Rob Hes, Markantonio, Gregor Tresher, Reboot, Nacho Gil

4. Wateke invites Timo Maas @La3

Timo Maas is gonna deliver his musical wizardry to the La3 club on the 17th of March. The German Dj has an incredible need to please the dancefloor. Get ready for an amazing night, one where you will be travelling listening to his crazy mixes & dancing all night to quality techno music.

When? March 17th

Where? La3

Full Line-up? Davide Cabeza, Timo Maas

3. tINI pres. by Wax @La3

When you know tINI is coming to Valencia for a night, you don’t ask yourself too many questions- you just go. She will deliver some good vibes and best underground tracks at La3. tINI has an endless love for music and thanks to this, managed to show her talent to the big scene. Here’s one of her live that will give you a little taste of what she’s able to do…

When? 10th March

Where? La3

Full Line-up? tINI

2. Moodymann @ La3

Moodymann has emerged as one of Detroit’s most successful house producers. Drenched in soul, funk and jazz Moodymann gathers the full force of his musical influences and recontextualizes them within the house genre. This event will for sure delight all housemusic lovers. If you pretend to be one of that kind, I’ll see you on the dancefloor.

When? 16th March

Where? La3

Full Line-up? Moodyman

1. Dixon pres. By Fayer & Edu Imbernon @Moon

Fayer is bringing Dixon to Valencia for an session that will undeniably be unforgettable. Dixon is nowadays one of the best house and techno Djs in the world , he was named 4 consecutive years DJ #1 by Resident Advisor. Check his Boiler Room above to get you started. Next to him will be playing Edu Imbernon. As always Mike Gannu and Almost Human will put #onFayer the club for a night that promises to be one of those that will not be easily forgotten. Too good to miss …

When? 17th March

Where? Moon

Full Line-up? Dixon, Edu Imbernon, Mike Gannu, Almost Human